Play Online Casino Games in India

Are you ready to experience that amazing feeling when your favourite online casino game pays out a big win or when you beat the dealer in live roulette? Do you want access to the best real money games that pay out the most? If your answers are yes, then online casino games guide will help you learn about the best real money games you can play at the best casinos online available in India.

Where You Can Play the Best Casino Games

CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Doggo casino Doggo Casino
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Cric 10 Cric €50Free Play
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Betway Casino Betway Casino €1000
Play Now
Caxino casino Caxino Casino €200+ 100 Free Spins
Play Now
LeoVegas Leo​Vegas €400
Play Now
bet Casino 22​bet Casino ₹25000
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Royal Panda Casino Royal Panda
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Twin Casino Twin Casino
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Bons casino Bons Casino
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KTO Casino KTO Casino $1700
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Casino Games Casino Games

Which casino games can you play online?

The types of real money games available to play online are similar to the casino games you will find at a regular land-based casino - only mostly digital. You will have your selection of slot machine games and a part of the casino dedicated to table games like roulette and craps. Then you have your selection of card games that include poker and blackjack. Like all casinos, you will find a VIP high roller section and mega jackpot games.

The difference with playing online is that the amount of choice is much bigger! A traditional floating casino in Goa offers a couple of hundred games if you include every different slot machine, and this is being very generous. An average online casino can offer 1,500 games. Here are the most popular casino games:

Read more about them on their dedicated pages:

Let’s Play Blackjack Online in India

If you're keen on playing blackjack online and finding out which casinos have the best variants and offer the best experience, then this is the guide for you.

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Slot machines Online - Find the best real money online slots in India

Want to learn all about the best slots for Indian players? We've got the biggest paylines, the shiniest games and the most amazing jackpots, so click here to find the best slots casinos for you.

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Where can Indians find the Best roulette casino online?

Where will you find the best online roulette games? We answer this question for you and guide you to the best Indian casinos right here on this guide.

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Teen Patti Online

It's the game beloved by the vast majority of Indian players and we give you the lowdown here. Check out our Teen Patti guide for the best casino experience.

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Play the online lottery in India

Whilst online lottery isn't offered at every single online casino, in India, the national lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling, with millions of players embracing it.

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Play Andar Bahar online for Real Money

When it comes to casino games that are played online, there are only two that appear from the traditional list of Indian games and this is Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

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Play Jhandi Munda Online for Real Money

Jhandi Munda is a traditional game that is played at land-based casinos in Arunachal Pradesh. As yet, the game has yet to jump from the streets and casinos onto the world wide web.

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How to get started playing online casino games in India

Getting started and accessing real money games is very simple. It begins here on our site with our online casino reviews. Choose a casino based on their services and game offerings and begin your venture into online gaming by registering to form your online account.

Granted, there are many great sites to join so you can by all means, join more than one online casino to win your rupees from!

When registering an account, you are required to provide the following details.

  • ✅ Full Name
  • ✅ Date of Birth
  • ✅ Home Address (also proof of address is required from either a bill or statement)
  • ✅ Email
  • ✅ Password and Username
  • ✅ Contact number (mobile)
  • ✅ Photo ID (to be attached)

Once you have formed your account and set up your payment method, you are ready to deposit money and begin playing.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games

Online casino games come in two different formats; you can enjoy a selection of RNG machines (random number generator) that provide virtual table and card games, a bit like slot machines. Then you also have Live Casinos that provides a streaming service of real casino games. All casino games are games of luck, but there are also Stochastic Games, whereby results can be controlled through the development of skill. Games in this section include poker, blackjack, and teen patti.

We will go in detail on the most popular casino games available on the internet.

Online Slot Machine Games

casino slot machine games casino slot machine games

Slot machines, by far the most played casino game online. Slots are a firm favorite amongst players for a number of reasons.

  1. Easy to play, there is no skill required whatsoever, you only have to press the Spin button.
  2. The profits have the potential to be the largest of any online casino game, with slot jackpots going far into the multi-millions.
  3. Their sheer diversity in style, theme, and design. You can play slots based on animals, space, zombies, and Greek mythology. Then you also have the slots that are official movie-based games like The Dark Knight and Jurassic Park.
  4. The gameplay action. We’re talking about random triggers to open hidden games, bonus rounds, multiple paylines, and progressive jackpot prizes.

Each online operator has HUNDREDS of these incredible and extraordinary slots. The more you wager, the greater the payout and for some progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah™ or Jackpot Giant™, the higher the wager, the more chance you have of entering the jackpot round. These are the casino bonus games you do not want to miss out on playing.

Which casino in India provides the best online slots?

For us, the current best Indian online casino to join would be LeoVegas Casino. LeoVegas is a site that not only has the numbers, but they are a casino operator that is powered by many of the industry’s best software developers. You will, therefore, have different gaming styles, jackpots, slot features, and gaming numbers will over 1,000 to keep you thoroughly entertained for the duration of your membership.

You can read our LeoVegas Casino review to learn more about their services.


casino blackjack games casino blackjack games

Blackjack is perhaps the most iconic card game associated with casino gaming. Its legendary status is found throughout all online casinos around the world. Blackjack can be played as an RNG machine or as a live table feature that is played against a live dealer. Regardless of format, blackjack is a very easy game to play which adds to its popularity amongst players.

  1. Blackjack offers skill-based solutions to win a game.
  2. You can play blackjack as a multi-player game.
  3. The game of blackjack comes in numerous styles and variants like Atlantic City Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, and Spanish 21 Blackjack.
  4. Blackjack has the best odds of any casino game with the house edge only being 1.47%.

Blackjack is a slow-burner game, rupees will need to be built up as there is no resounding jackpot linked to this game. you must play with patience and given there are so many variants, we advise you to practice on some free demo games first to find the right form of blackjack for you.

Which casino in India provides the best blackjack online?

You will find blackjack throughout all of the casino options on our site, but the current best one that grants you RNG blackjack machines, live blackjack, blackjack bonuses, and a mix of blackjack variants, is 10Cric Casino. You can experience the whole entire blackjack package from their site.

Read our 10Cric Casino review to learn more about their services and other online casino games.


casino roulette games casino roulette games

Now, when it comes to iconic, there is not more obvious game than online roulette. The roulette wheel alone sums up what the casino and gambling is all about, simplistic, clever, smart, and intriguing. Roulette is beloved by players and is often the first ‘traditional’ games new players try because it’s so simple to play.

Roulette is a game that is wholly determined by luck. There is zero skill involved unless you have super-human powers that can correctly predict numbers.

  1. Roulette comes with the highest single payout odds of any casino game at 35-1.
  2. You have multiple betting options on the roulette table.
  3. Variants include French roulette, European roulette, double ball roulette, and American roulette.
  4. Online roulette can be played as an RNG machine game or as a live dealer game.
  5. There are some specialist roulette games linked to progressive jackpots or special bonus features.

Which casino in India provides the best roulette games?

Currently, the best casino available to players in India that offer a complete roulette package is Betway Casino. There you will find live tables, RNG machines, and roulette bonuses.

More on Betway can be read here in our Betway Casino review.


Baccarat is thought by many players to be one of the more niche online casino games to play. Also known as Punto Banco, baccarat is a popular card game for players in Asian and China. For players in India, the game is better known as Dragon Tiger, this is the variant adaption most commonly played by Indian players.

Baccarat is different to many other card games, the rules do require some thinking when you are a new player and because the rules are so unique it limits the game being open to alterations, thusly why baccarat has the fewest variants associated to it than any other game with the exception of craps and sic bo.

The game has some favorable qualities:

  1. You can bet on yourself to lose.
  2. A Tie can have odds of up to 11-1 depending on the variant.
  3. A lot of high rollers play this game so the rupees paid out are very sizeable as you can imagine.

What is baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that plays with several decks and has the value cards of 10, jack, queen, and king removed so that 9 is the highest card.

How do you play baccarat online?

The goal of baccarat is to land a total of 9 or as close to 9 as possible with your hand. The game begins with your wager, you will either bet for or against you to win or the option of a draw or tie. You will be dealt two cards face up, whoever has closest to 9 wins. However, what if the total is over 9? In this instance, the two cards are added together 6 + 4 = 10, but this is actually scored as 0. If the cards are 9 + 9 = 18, this is actually scored as 8.

If your total is lower than 5, you can receive another card from the dealer (banker/banco).

Which casino provides the best baccarat in India?

The best casino currently offering up baccarat with as many possible variants is Rizk Casino. More on this site and its services can be read in our Rizk Casino review.

Video Poker

One of the most popular land-based machines was the Video Poker game. Its popularity remains having transcended over to the worldwide web and is now one of the most successful online cash games. Video Poker is a lot like video slots, the programming is very much the same which is evident whilst you play the game. The slot has a reel rotation, whereas video poker has a ‘deal’.

A change in cards is much like the hold and spin of the older slot cabinets. So, there is a lot of gaming comparisons, given that it has removed the game of poker from the table and placed it inside of a machine. Of which, the RTP scoring is quite favourable at 98% for some variants, helping to make it a hugely profitable game to play.

Adding to its popularity:

  1. Video Poker is a game based on luck! This is not really a game of skill though it is a card game, but because this is entirely an RNG machine, it cannot be deemed or seen as skill-based.
  2. There are loads of video poker variants that include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Aces and Eights, All American Poker, and many more.
  3. Video Poker machines are pretty much automated to help users play. It guides you through each stage of the game.
  4. The game retains standard poker rules, so there are 10 hands you can win rupees from.

What is video poker?

Video poker is poker stripped to its basics. The game retains the traditional poker rules and hands. The game has a paytable that will indicate your hand value when dealt so you know what it is worth.

The game is almost self-automated so there is no possibility to press the wrong button or make a mistake whilst playing, a bit like slots machines.

How do you play video poker?

The rules of poker remain, so you will start by placing your wager first, you will then be dealt 5 cards. They will automatically be shown face up because this is a game between you and the machine, not you and a dealer. The paytable will highlight the highest to lowest hand values. The table will highlight your hand should it register a score.

You can hold cards and swap others in an attempt to better your hand. You will select hold on the cards you wish to keep and then deal to receive replacements on the others. Your task is simple, score the highest hand possible.

Which casino provides the best video poker?

Video poker is just as common as slots and really there is no specialist site. But if we were to pick just one for you to join, it would be Royal Panda Casino. This site will offer you a great selection of video poker games and lots more.

Read our Royal Panda Casino Review to learn more.

Andar Bahar

casino andar bahar games casino andar bahar games

Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian game which came from Bangalore hundreds of years ago. Online, the game has become hugely popular and is one of the main Indian gaming features within online casinos. You win by guessing correctly if the joker card lands on the side of Andar or Bahar. That is all there is to it.

  1. The game is very simpler to play.
  2. It’s one of the few multiplayer games online.
  3. Andar Bahar is available as a live feature or RNG game.

Which casino in India provides the best Andar Bahar?

There is only one real stand out casino that offers the best Andar Bahar package and that is 10Cric Casino.

Read our 10cric casino review to learn more about their site and see what other traditional Indian games that offer.

Teen Patti

casino teen patti games casino teen patti games

Another traditional Indian casino game is Teen Patti online. Teen Patti is basically a three-card poker game. It is regarded as the most popular Indian money game that takes a lot of influences from the game of poker. The game is a fantastic addition to any online casino.

  1. Teen Patti, like poker, will allow an element of skill to be involved in changing the game’s odds.
  2. Teen Patti is a multiplayer game and you will be able to enjoy these games within the live casino platform of India’s best casinos online.
  3. You don’t need lots of rupees to play this game, it’s literally a miniature version of poker with near enough the same rules.

Which casino in India has the best Teen Patti game?

We recommend fans of Teen Patti join Pure Win Casino to access this game which is available to play live with a choice of two tables.

Read our Pure Win Casino review here to learn more about the casino.

Jhandi Munda

casino jhandi munda games casino jhandi munda games

One of the more rare to spot Indian games online is the rupees game, Jhandi Munda. This is a dice game that started in Arunachal Pradesh. Now, online, Jhandi Munda invites players into a game that is unlike any other even if you are familiar with craps and sic bo, two other dice games which are available.

What is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is exciting and different from other online cash games and of all, perhaps the easiest to play. With six-sided dice marked with different symbols, representing a face, flag, heart, spade, club and a diamond.

How do you play Jhandi Munda?

You will simply bet on which symbol will land face up the most often. Easy!

Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the money games online that is under the category of lotto and if not listed as a main feature will be found within ‘Other’ games categories more often than not. Bingo gets treated differently by casinos online because it’s seen as some as not being a proper casino game, others, however, totally embrace its qualities and give the game its own separate gaming platform. It still is one of the most compelling rupees game options out there. If you have played bingo before, nothing has changed, only the variety you get. If you have not played bingo before, then brace yourself for heart-thumping intensity and excitement.

The joys of bingo include:

  1. Two to Three prizes within one gaming session.
  2. No Skill required.
  3. High intensity gaming.
  4. Bingo can be played live or as an RNG game.
  5. Live chat with the online bingo community.

What is online bingo?

Bingo is a lotto game, so the outcome is purely based on luck. There are a number of variants of bingo, traditionally it is played with 90 balls, but is available with 80, 75 and even 30 balls. These balls are picked at random and will correspond to your digital bingo card or ticket.

How do you play bingo online?

Whilst the numbers are randomly drawn, you will mark off matching numbers as they appear on your bingo card. The first game tries to match just one line, until there is a call or winner. Then two lines are player for as the number selection continues. When this is won, players are then playing for a full house, all three lines.

Now, playing live will put you up against other members and players of the same casino. When it comes to live bingo rooms, the jackpots are dependent on the number of players taking part. Whereas with RNG games, the jackpot size is dependent on how much you buy a bingo card for and how many.

Which are the best Indian casinos online providing bingo games?

There are a number of sites available but currently, we recommend that you join 888 Casino to access their 888 Ladies bingo platform. You can read more from our 888 Casino review here and you can learn more about online bingo from our game’s guide.

Live Casino

One of the most prominent ways of playing casino games online is Live Gaming. Live casino games are broadcasts live from studios. Through their webcams you can watch and take part in real games that are played using real equipment and real tables. All tables are hosted by a live dealer. All action takes place in real time, so you can place your bets and watch the outcome unfold. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with the live dealer as well as the other players on a multi-player table.

The live casino platforms are mainly for table and card games, there are five main categories, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and Game Shows. Yes, Game Shows. A whole new gaming feature was recently released on the live streaming platforms that allow you to take on new and exciting games such as Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live, and many others that you’ll have to discover for yourself.

With the classic card and table games, you will, of course, be able to play a host of variants like European roulette, side bet city, free bet blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, VIP blackjack, baccarat squeeze and so many others.

Currently, the best live casino would be Royal Panda. They have the most powerful list of live software developers on their site including NetEnt Live, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and Authentic Gaming. You can read about many more perks of joining this site via our Royal Panda Casino Review.

You can also learn more about playing live dealer table games from our Live Casino guide.

What are the most profitable casino games?

When forming an online casino games guide, not only must we discuss the nature of the online casino casino games, but how profitable they really are.

For example, slots are fun and dynamic casino bonus games, a player’s primary profit comes from the bonus rounds and not the base level game.

It should not be lost on any player that you are entering a lion’s layer when playing online. Let’s call it for what it actually is, gambling is purely designed to benefit the house and not the player. The casino is a business within a global industry that got to where it is because all casino games are for the profiteering interest of the casino operator.

Every game has a house edge, the house edge being the percentage that favours the casino’s chances over the player’s, even before the game begins.

By recognising the facts surrounding how online casino games are made, you can then use this information to better your chances of winning from the more profitable games. You will also save money by not spending on games with a house edge that does not benefit you.

Remember, there are games of skill, it is not all blind luck inside the casinos online. Games such as baccarat, poker, teen patti, and blackjack each offer players a chance to affect the outcome, to adjust the house edge and lower it through the choice of moves that can affect the dealer’s position within the game.

Online casino games with the lowest house advantages

The lower the house edge, the greater your chance of success, this is the only rule you need to remember. By knowing this and the facts, you will be putting yourself in a far greater position than other players online that are looking to win money for the games before you.

Take the advantage and use this information to better plan your route of success inside India’s top online casinos. Here is a look at the more favourable money games online that you should be focusing on if you really have a vested interest in winning real rupees from the best range of online casino casino games.

Casino Game House Edge %
Jacks or Better video poker 0.46%
Blackjack 0.5%
Baccarat 1 - 3%
Craps 1.4%
Pai Gow Poker 1.5%
European Roulette 2.7%
Slot machines 2.8%
Caribbean Stud Poker 3 - 5%
American Roulette 5.3%
Keno 20 - 35%

Remember, before you approach online cash games try them out first in their demo mode. Practice always makes perfect and by now knowing which games offer the lowest house edge and, thusly, improving your chances of winnings, you can now focus on playing and planning your own successful strategies.

Play Casino Games for Free

Before you or any other player finds their path as a strategic casino player, the option of practicing with free casino games is considered to be the best place to begin. Demo games are the best tool to use when learning about how online casino games work and play. Free online casino games are authentic gaming products made by licensed software developers. Many professional players state that they are the ideal strategy tool because they are 100% free and are the exact blueprint for real money games, so you play with the same odds and acquire the same gaming features. 100% free and available on mobile, these games are authentic real money casino games in their demo mode. Discover the available slots and tables inside India’s best casinos, without joining them. Use our free games before you sign up to find what kind of player you are.

Benefits of Free Casino Games

The list of benefits is huge, here are just some that will open your eyes up to why demo free gaming is so advantageous in the long run:

  • Learning the Games: Demos are identical in every way to real money games, minus the money part. You can learn how to play and understand the rules without adding risk to your bankroll.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Before you play any money games online, through practice, you can develop gaming strategies and experiment with various known techniques to better your gaming approach.
  • The Good and the Bad: By playing free demo games, you are able to assess which games have value before you approach playing them for real money. This is all about learning game volatility.
  • Self-Management: Through demo games you are able to use the free gaming coins to practice budgeting especially when it comes to table and card games that are more about building a profit.
  • Software: As a new player, you will not be overly familiar with who the developers are and their qualities. Demo games are the perfect introduction to their work that will enable you to discover your favourite games because you will soon come to realise how important knowing software is.

Pros and cons of playing free online casino games

Why Users Play for Real Money Why Users Play Free Games
✅ You get the chance to win real cash ✅ You can play just for fun 100% without risk
✅ Playing with real money adds a thrill of the risk which can be quite exciting ✅ You don’t have to put in any of your money
✅ Real money games usually have amazing jackpots that offer huge sums ✅ Playing for free is a great way to practice new and different strategies risk free
✅ You can test out a brand-new game and see if it's worth playing for with real money
✅ You don't have to sign up or share your information with anyone

The ultimate reward is that as players in India, you are able to have a choice and selection. You are neither forced to just play a selection of real money games and the option of free gameplay is there, not just from our site but within the real money casinos themselves.


❓ Where can I play casino games in India?

By joining us here at Casinos-India, you are able to access a total of 20 online casinos that have passed out criteria checks and tests. You will have access to 20 incredible platforms that are licensed and compliant to the gambling laws here in India.

Throughout our site, we provide top 10 lists on casinos offering the best slot games, best live games, and also the top 10 casinos offering specific bonuses, just some of the examples you’ll notice. By using our site, you will not only have direct access to regulated gambling services but also access to information and advice from professionals with regards to online gambling.

❓ What kind of casino games can I play?

Indian players can look forward to a vast selection of games that are also huge on the European market. On average the top casinos in India hold over 1,000 casino games. Your gaming selection offers up these games as a main category: Slots, Jackpots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Live Casino, Sports Betting, and Bingo. Amongst these categories, there are far more games than you can imagine. Playing online provides a seemingly endless supply of games and every one of them has a selection of variants to play. For example, Poker comes with Caribbean Stub Poker, 3-Card Brag, Texas Hold Em, and Casino Hold Em to name a few. You will also be able to access traditional Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti

❓ Can you make money playing casino games?

Yes. 100%. Real casinos in India will take rupee coins and payout in kind. Every game available provides this opportunity, but it should not be lost on you that fact that gambling online is not entirely in your favour. Winning is all about luck, across all games it plays a huge part. You must be winning to accept and realise that you will lose games and your money. The opportunity to win is there, so you must approach the steps of playing online with all the wisdom and knowledge there is on the subject of gambling.

❓ Is it legal to play casino games in India?

Online, yes. 100% India’s 1867 Gambling Act has seen many changes over time, none of the more recent updates, dismiss online gambling as an illegal act. Let us clarify further than none of the casinos listed on Casinos-India are actually registered within the Indian borders, thus, further adding to their compliance with the regulations of India’s gambling laws. All casinos are registered and licensed in Europe, players in India are able to access them as legal sites because the Indian Government has no legal power over businesses that are not within India’s borders. This is a common law and loophole for players around Europe, Canada, and Australasia.

❓ What is the most profitable casino game?

Every game has a house edge, the house edge being the percentage that favours the casino’s chances over the player’s, even before the game begins. By recognising the facts surrounding how online casino games are made, you can then use this information to 1: Better your chances of winning from the more profitable games. 2: Save money by not spending on games with a house edge that does not benefit you. Here are the top 5 most profitable casino games to play:

  • Jacks or Better Video Poker: House Edge = 0.46%
  • Blackjack: House Edge = 0.5%
  • Baccarat: House Edge = 1-3%
  • Craps: House Edge = 1.4%
  • Pai Gow Poker: House Edge = 1.5%

❓ Who are the best casino game providers?

There are over 100 different software developers working in the online casino industry. Software developers design and make the games you play, for them to be hired by casinos to stock their gaming platforms. Of the 100+ companies helping to keep the industry buzzing and healthy, there are several names that are seemingly used by every casino online because they are just too good to not be used. There are 5 outstanding developers all of whom are available in some form or another across all the best Indian casinos you can join through Casinos-India.

They are:

1: NetEnt

2: Evolution Gaming

3: Red Tiger

4: Playtech

5: Microgaming

❓ What casino games have the best odds?

The best casino games with favourable odds are listed here:

Jacks or Better video poker = 0.46%

Blackjack = 0.5%

Baccarat = 1 - 3%

Craps = 1.4%

Pai Gow Poker = 1.5%

European Roulette = 2.7%

Slot machines = 2.8%

Caribbean Stud Poker = 3 - 5%

American Roulette = 5.3%

Keno = 20 - 35%

The percentage score is the house edge, the lower this edge is the better your chances. As you can see from the list the Video Poker variant Jacks or Better is considered to be the game that offers an almost 100% odds return in your favour, as you go further down the list you’ll find keno gives players a 20 to 35% chance of winning.

❓ Where can I find the biggest jackpots?

The biggest online jackpots are within the progressive slots. These are networked linked slot machines with jackpots that can far exceed 800,000,000 rupees. This is no exaggeration. Multi-millions can be won and there are near 100 of these jackpot games available throughout the best Indian sites online. Will you be the first player from India to win a progressive jackpot windfall? Look out for these games as they are currently holding the largest prizes in India so far.

  • Mega Moolah™
  • Hall of Gods™
  • Mega Fortune™
  • Arabian Nights™
  • Major Millions™

❓ Which games are best for beginners?

Well, the best games to play are free demo games. All beginners should be discovering online casino games whilst they are free because there is no risk, cost or downloading to endure. Free games will help you to learn and understand a number of important issues that are fully covered within our guide.

Once you have gained the required knowledge about gambling online and how casino games work, both on a technical and gaming level, you are then able to play real money games. Most beginners head to the slots because they are so easy to play, very diverse in the options you have and are great fun. When it comes to table games, roulette is another that is a popular choice for first-time players because of the same qualities; easy, fun and diversity.

❓ What are the best free casino games?

Is saying all of them too easy of an answer to give? There is no real collective of best free games. There are hundreds on our site and across all top casinos making demo gaming available. If we are forced to pick, slots are the best free games because the benefits are more expansive. You have more choice, you can play the exact same games in the top casinos for real money, you can learn better and use the knowledge more productively. You can also claim casino free spins as a bonus and use them on the games you practiced with to help lower the risks and boost your winning chances.

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