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When it comes to traditional Indian casino games, Teen Patti is one of only two that have made it, thus far, into the gaming menus of the best casinos online. Our Online teen patti guide will introduce you to all aspects of the game from how to play teen patti to understanding the odds when choosing to play teen patti online.

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    India’s number one card game


    Teen patti has been a traditional card game played for many centuries and is also known as the 3 patti game because of the number of cards used to form your playing hand. When you play teen patti, you will notice the similarities to western poker games, and we shall cover this in the teen patti rules. We will also look at the best teen patti variations to play and accessing live dealer teen patti online.

    Where is teen patti online available? Well by selecting any of the sites listed below, you will be able to enjoy live games of India’s favourite card feature. Online teen patti is a hybrid of 3-card poker, Indian poker and other games known as flush or flash. The teen Patti online game is a simple feature to play and it’s very likely that you have played teen patti before, perhaps just not inside a teen patti casino. You may already play teen patti during the taash parties that take place during Diwali celebrations. If so, then you will already know how simple the teen patti rules are.

    The card game is arguably the most popular card game there is in India, and if you have not played original games of flash or flush, as called in parts of India, then you have been missing out on its entertainment.

    If you have, however, played games like three-card brag, which is a popular game in England, then you will start to see some influences of this creep into the teen patti games.

    As with all card games, luck only plays a part-role in the outcome of winnings, card games allow for skill to intervene and have a say in who wins and who loses. And with a lot of card games, the edge the casino has over the player is very small, so online teen patti is a very beneficial game to play.

    Because of the skill element, there is reason to practice and develop the necessary skill to be a success with the 3 patti game. Your understanding of the game now may not be as finely tuned as it could be and we hope that by the end of this review and you decide to experience real money teen patti from within the best casinos in India, that you will have a vastly clear mindset in how to approach and play teen patti online.

    Is it Legal to Play Teen Patti in India?


    There are two formations of law.

    1: Playing online

    2: Playing inside of land-based casinos.

    Yes, it is wholly legal for you to be able to access and experience the teen Patti online game from any licensed operator. But it is illegal to play a game of teen patti poker inside of India’s land-based casinos. The ruling is all about the finer detail within the Gambling Act of 1867. Now, this does get updated and yet still, it clearly does not restrict players from obtaining gambling services online. In fact, the only instance where online gambling was drafted into the 1867 Act, was in reference to banning and making illegal for online sites to advertise their services. The result being that online gambling is 100% LEGAL, but no-one really knows about it because no-one can advertise it.

    The finer details also come down to what kind of game teen patti is. Now, as mentioned it is a card game and card games often require an element of skill to play them when seeking a favourable result. This is not how the board of regulators feel and deem online teen patti as a game of chance! This is why the game is not allowed inside of India’s land-based casinos.

    This is about board control and having the state control what can be controlled. Online casinos are not state controlled because they are registered in Europe. They are approved by foreign legal bodies that permit them their gambling license and if they are able to handle the Indian currency, then it is the choice of the Indian players whether they wish to join or not. If they do, they are within compliance of the Gambling Act of 1867, the casino is also in compliance and you will receive no fines because no breach of law has occurred.

    In short, the answer is yes! Yes, it is legal to play teen patti within an online teen patti casino but it is illegal inside a brick-and-mortal one.

    What is Online Teen Patti?


    The game of teen patti as you may have played it with friends and family up to this point is no different from how it is played online. The teen patti rules remain the same. What online services do allow for you to do is be able to reconnect with friends and family online and play teen patti as a collective for real money payouts in rupee currency.

    Online teen patti is one of the reasons that the industry has boomed across all of India. More and more people are playing and discovering this game because of its traditional standings and because of its fun factor.

    As the game is online and readily available, there is no requirement for any sort of downloading, you can play freely across any device and at any time. You can experience real money teen patti and have your payments managed by local banking services to securely put the winning funds into your bank account.

    Where Can I Play Teen Patti Online for Real Money?

    Through our site Casinos-India, you will have a selection of online services that are able to offer you to play teen patti online and in an environment that is secure and licensed. From our top 10 list, you can select where you play, what type of teen patti games you access and what bonuses to use to help you play the Teen Patti online game.

    Getting signed up is easy and quick and exclusive to new players only, you can claim welcome bonuses from your new online casino site. You can access the casino via your web browser or through any online casino mobile app that is offered by the top 10 teen patti casino platforms.

    If playing via mobile, Android and iOS systems are supported a usual mobile app is only 50MB of storage, which is hardly a dent.

    An example of where you can access the Teen Patti online game is here at 10Cric Casino. They are able to provide teen patti and a mobile app to play it through. You will also be able to claim your exclusive welcome bonus. Head to our review of 10Cric Casino to learn more about this Indian online casino.

    Play Online Teen Patti Live or Virtual


    As with many online casino games, there are two formats of online teen patti. You can play live dealer teen patti, or you can play video teen patti poker.

    Live teen patti: Live gaming is immersive live streaming that allows players to watch real casino games being played and allowing them to join in and make bets online. You will find there are live teen patti tables, hosted by Indian dealers that you can chat with in Hindi or English. You get a real casino experience online and are able to play with other players at the table. Live teen patti is as real as it gets without having to invite friends and family round to play the game.

    Video teen patti: This is virtual gaming as you would first imaging online casino games to be. A digitalised casino table with digital cards and no table host. It is just you against the machine. These virtual simulations are just like virtual blackjack and roulette games and built the same way. These games are also known as RNG games because they use a Random Number Generator as an algorithm to determine wins through random choice.

    If you one either one or both kinds of teen patti, then the casinos in our list are able to provide you with both. You can, therefore, alternate your style of play and learn both types of teen patti online.

    Live Teen Patti

    Real money teen patti as a live game is incredible. The game is hosted by the most beautiful women and you are able to chat with them online whilst playing the teen patti cash game. You can play the 3 patti game from your mobile phone if you have either android or ios supported systems.

    The live streaming of teen patti takes place inside of the software developer’s studio and not from the casino itself. The stream of teen patti comes via a 4k or HD camera, you’ll watch the events of the game unfold, seeing the dealer shuffle the cards and deal them out. There will be buttons in the gaming panel that allow you to choose to play blind, play chaal (chance) and place your bets. Other operation buttons include fold, call, or raise.

    The experience is there to be like a real land-based casino, with a vibrant atmosphere as socializing that can be performed by speaking to both dealer and other players at the table via the live chat messenger service.

    What is recommended, is that if you’ve never played live teen patti before, to learn via the virtual RNG games first.

    Virtual Teen Patti

    When you play teen patti online in its virtual mode, you get no ‘live’ experience, this is 100% simulation gameplay. This is the same for other casino games that are not of the live feature. These are solitary games that has you playing against the virtual machine. Every teen patti casino has this option because for some players, playing a game of teen patti live online can be uncomfortable.

    Through these virtual machines, you can take your time and experience the game in a less pressurised environment.

    Some of the teen patti options come as 2D or 3D gaming but both are built using Random Number Generator algorithms. The programming is considered to be the fairest way to present these games as wins are generated by random chance. In comparison to slot machine games, when winnings are relative to the amount of money put into the game. RNG machines are more fair and honest.

    How to Play Teen Patti online


    The teen patti rules are simple and that’s what we will cover in this section of the game’s guide. You can play teen patti online with 3 to 6 different players and it only uses one deck of cards with the jokers removed.

    Winning the game is simple, you need to have a better hand than the dealer and like poker, there are teen patti sequence when it comes to the hands you can form with your cards.

    Below we will cover the highest sequence in teen patti to the lowest so you know what to play for and how you can win against the dealer or when using a virtual game of teen patti.

    You will receive three cards face down and at this point, you can choose to play blind without seeing those cards or you can play by chance.

    Teen Patti Ranking of Hands

    We now look at the teen patti sequence list. This is the same for every format of the game found inside any teen patti casino. This is where you will start to see the similarities between teen patti and online poker games like 3-card brag. These hands are what help you to win real money teen patti games.

    • Trio – Sometimes referred to as the Trial, this hand holds a 3 card sequence with the same rank. The higher option would be three aces or kings. The lower ranking would be three twos.
    • Straight Flush – Also referred to as a Run, this 3 card sequence holds the three same suits, so three diamonds, three hearts, and so on.
    • Straight – For a straight, your hand must comprise of cards that run in order of rank. For example, ace, two, and three, or ace, king, and queen. A lower run would be two, three, and four.
    • Flush – Also referred to as a colour, this hand consists of the same suit and colour. You can have the cards in any rank order so Ace, King and ten of clubs is fine or ace, king, and jack of spades. A lower hand would, of course, be two, three, and five of any suit.
    • Pair – A pair hand will consist of two matching ranks and a single random card of any kind, the highest ranking pair is ace and ace whilst the lowest is two and two, for both hands, the third card is redundant.
    • High Card – As in poker, if you are unable to for any hand, then opt to play with the strongest card possible, this being the high hand. Ace being the highest and 2 lowest.

    Of these hands, there we provide a table that looks at each hand’s winning potential over the other, with the odds and frequency to which they will be dealt during a game.

    Hand Frequency Odds Probability
    Three of a Kind 52 424.00 to 1 0.24%
    Straight Flush 48 459.42 to 1 0.22%
    Straight 720 29.69 to 1 3.26%
    Flush 1,096 19.16 to 1 4.96%
    Pair 3,744 4.9 to 1 16.94%
    No Pair 16,440 4.9 to 1 74.39%

    The Teen Patti Table

    The Teen Patti online table is very basic, it sections of each area for the players taking part, in some cases placing numbers so players know how many are able to join the patti game.

    The 3 patti table is oval in shape and has the dealer sat on the opposite end of the players. To the right of the dealer, is the cardholder or the shoe from where the cards are dealt from. In traditional teen patti, cards are face down, but because this is online, they are face up. This is of no advantage to the casino anyway. This is how a teen patti real cash table looks in both live and virtual formats.

    Teen Patti Rules

    The Teen Patti game rules are very simple and for those that have played poker before, this will be easy to pick up.

    When playing Teen Patti online, there are a number of hand variations to be thinking about, so it’s best to practice using free demo games first before you play in a real money teen patti casino.

    3 patti will always only ever use 3 cards and these can be swapped to help get the ultimate teen patti hand to win. So, let us now look at the process of playing.

    1: betting can be done in one of two ways. If you place a bet before seeing your cards, this is betting blind. If you look at the cards first then bet, this is chance betting or “Chaal”.

    2: the dealer will deal out three cards that are face down. These will be drawn from a single deck with no jokers.

    3: from the 3 cards, your aim is to make the highest hand possible. As noted in the above table, the best winning hand is a trio hand which comprises of 3 high cards in rank order and of the same suit i.e. Ace, king, and queen all as diamonds.

    4: motions of the game allow you to fold if you feel you cannot win, allowing yourself to lose.

    5: winning will come from either everyone else folding but you or by having the best hand at the teen patti table.

    Teen Patti Moves

    A bit like the game of blackjack, there are moves that you can make that have an effect when you play teen patti.

    Terms and moves used in Teen Patti online:

    Playing Blind: Playing blind is as you may expect, going into a game and not knowing your chances. This means you will bet before seeing your cards. Once you have placed the bet, you are then able to turn the cards to see how you’ll approach the game from this point.

    Play Chaal: If you opt to play Chaal which is known as ‘seen player’, you are selecting to look at your cards before you place your bet.

    The Show: The term "show" is used to describe the final action of teen patti. This is the reveal at the end to see who has won. Both players must show their cards as a final act in the game and the best hand wins. However, the rules of the show will change depending on whether a player is blind or playing Chaal.

    If the player has opted to play Chaal and the other player is playing Blind. Then the Chaal player is able to ask for the blind player to show but must pay 4 times the original bet. If, however, both players selected to play Chaal, then only one of the players must ask for the Show at a cost of 2 times the original wager. Those playing blind are unable to ask for a show reveal.

    Sideshow and Compromise: the move of compromise can only be acted by the ‘seen player’. What this move allows is for the player to boost their wager by double the amount. This move of a compromise can only be done if other players allow it. if agreed, they must show their hand to the other players. The player that holds the lowest ranking card must, therefore, fold, if there is a tie, the player calling the compromise must also fold. If no compromise is agreed, the game continues as normal.


    As with all card games, the possibility of a tie can happen and as such if all players refuse to show their hand and form a tie, the game pot his shared back out.


    A fold move in real money teen patti come about after seeing your teen patti hands and believing that they are no good enough to win anything from the game. To fold is to forfeit the game and willingly lose.

    Teen Patti Betting


    So, how does the process of betting within online teen patti work? Well, like many other casino games, there are different types of bet that can be made by you and other teen patti casino players. Before you jump on a 3 patti table to play teen patti either as a live or virtual game, here are the betting options so you know how to play teen patti when betting.

    Ante (entry fee): “Ante” which is a common French term, means an entry fee or the first bet. This bet must meet the minimum bet that is put down by every player. This bet must be placed in the pot before the round of games begin. The Ante bet can vary in different teen patti tables. Some teen patti online tables, such as the variant unlimited Teen Patti, requires players to put down a high Ante, whereas other teen patti tables require a low Ante. The reason for the Ante is to make sure players choosing to fold will lose money, so the pot is equal, otherwise, players will just keep folding until a good hand is received and this forms no balance to the games. Ante discourages players from playing so tightly and retains a healthy pot to win throughout.

    Post: A “post” bet is made when you have to leave the table temporarily, now this is not an online bet that you will make but for the purpose of fact, we are adding this to the betting list. If you are temporarily away from the teen patti table and miss the next round and the Ante you can place a mandatory bet so that you are part of the game.

    Blind: A blind bet is one that is made by the player before cards have been dealt. The most common type of bet in teen patti is this blind bet, which is matched by the dealer, making it 2 blinds. There is also a bet called the small blind which is half of the wager of a standard bet and this is places by the player nearest to the dealer if on a multiplayer table.

    Call and raise: Every bet featured within Teen Patti can be split into two kinds of betting. The first group of bets is called the call. The second option available is called the raise. In teen patti, both the call bet and raise bet can be called as “Chaal” or chance! If you were to make a bet, with chaal it must either be equal to the previous bet the other player before you made, or you can choose to increase it aka the raise. If you raise before other players, they must then match your value or raise higher again.

    Teen Patti betting Limits

    When you look to play around of Teen Patti online, there are specific betting limits that you must be aware of. You need to follow these rules, even if you wish to place a simple bet or to raise the stake freely during the Teen Patti game round. Below we explain these common betting limits that feature inside of teen patti online.

    Fixed - Fixed limit in the game of Teen Patti points to the maximum amount you are able to bet which must be equal to the amount to which the current bet stands in the game. You, therefore, are only able to increase your betting wager up to the current amount in the game round.

    Spread - The Spread bet allows the player to bet any amount up to what is the game’s maximum bet limit in a single game round. For example, if during a live Teen Patti round there is a spread limit up to the amount of ₹2000, then the players can either make a call to the maximum of ₹2000 or make a raise to a maximum of ₹2000.

    No-Limit - No limit bets mean that players are able to reach any betting limits in the teen patti game round. Players are also allowed to raise any bet limit in a play round.

    Strategies to Win in Teen Patti


    Online teen patti is a game that breeds skill and chance. This means that development and improvement as a player is highly possible when playing the Teen Patti game. So, what strategies should players be incorporating into their game to help them win real money teen patti payouts?

    Is there a good or bad 3 patti sequence within the hands? Should players be looking at teen patti bonus offers and promotions to help them?

    Best tip, techniques, and strategies to improve you as a teen patti casino player:

    Read players - Study the expressions on player’s faces and their behaviour that can be read through body language. Also, look at their playing patterns to see how other players handle situations on the table. Whilst learning to read others you must ensure to keep your playing style as neutral as possible. What this means is not rushing into bets if you know you have a winnable hand. You must remain calm so that the pot of cash on the table can grow, otherwise, if you give too much away, players will fold, and you will win a smaller amount.

    Know when and how to bluff – Performing a successful bluff is the grandest of techniques that is in a sense the biggest prank ever. This is usually performed by players with a very weak hand and have zero chance of winnings, what your goal is, is to get them to fold so your weak hand can take home the goods at the end of the round… For example:

    • If you often place small bets followed by a big bet, you can make lead other players into thinking you’ve a strong hand. This aim is for them to fold their hands which are possibly stronger than yours.
    • Bluffing is more trickier and very different in a game of online teen patti. Since the players at the online table cannot see each other, you can only outperform them by your bets or by what you possibly type in the live chat window.

    Lower your risk by starting with low-value bets - When you start playing Teen Patti online, it is recommended that you make small bets across all rounds. By doing this form of betting be able to play the game for longer by prolonging your bankroll and with teen patti, wining is a longer process as it is with all card games and making a substantial profit. Once achieving a good profit margin, only then should you look to raise your bets bit by bit over the rounds. But only ever increase in small amounts to remain subtle as part of the bluffing strategy. This way, you get time to evaluate those playing at the same table as you.

    Get playing fold from the start with a BIG bet - Strike fear into the player heart from the get-go. Make your opponent’s fold from your first bet because they will have to match it or increase beyond it. Even if the hand you have is weak, this is a bluff to make them believe you have a real chance of beating them.

    Play blind to help boost up the pot - By playing ‘blind; you reduce the risk of losing your bets. Playing blind allows you to make smaller bets and, in turn, lose less. Not only that, but you are able to increase your chances from this because those in the game that are not playing blind tend to fold more often than those that have opted to bet blind before seeing their card hand.

    Choose the sideshow wisely - The last move of the game is the Sideshow, this comes at a cost to opt for because you are effectively ending the game for the players to reveal their hand. You play this move when you know the last player with you is bluffing especially if they haven’t played blind. Take factors like this to hand because you do not want to be out bluffed.

    Fold when you have a bad hand - There is no shame in folding, and it happens more often than you think across all teen patti variations. If the hand is so bad and you can read that there is no chance amongst the other players of winnings, then fold.

    What Teen Patti Variations are there?


    So, earlier we mentioned there are teen patti variations that can be played online So, what games are there besides 3 patti? Below we share with you all the best teen patti variations available, not all will be available within every Indian casino online but we have added them just in case any new features are added between publication and you coming across this game’s guide.

    Teen Patti Variant Description
    Joker There can be 2 joker cards in Teen Patti. Both of these 2 cards can be used as wild cards.
    Best of Four Best of Four uses 4 cards instead of 3. All other rules are the same
    AK47 Aces, Kings,4s and 7s are wild cards. This game is played with 2-10 players.
    Mufliss Mufliss aka Lowball is when the ranking of the cards are reversed. In this game the lowest, instead of the highest hand, wins.
    Wild Draw A wild Draw means that the dealer, after dealing the cards, draw a random card from the remaining deck of cards. Every card of the same rank will be a wild card.
    Two-lowest Wild In this game every player plays with 4 cards, instead of 3. The 2 lowest cards in any hand are considered wild cards.
    High Wild A high wild means that the 2 highest-ranking cards in a hand becomes wild cards.
    Bust Card Draw This means that a dealer draws a random card from the deck of cards. Any player who has the random card has to fold their cards.
    Stud Stud is when a player receives a combination of cards that are face down and face up.
    Community Community means that a player is dealt a hand with incomplete face down cards. As well as a random amount of ace up community cards which are placed on the center of the table.
    Draw A draw is when a player gets a complete hand of cards. The players are allowed to discard any card and get new cards from the dealer.
    Cobra Cobra means that every player is dealt 1 card. Then each player puts a bet amount in the pot that is pre-decided. After that, each player puts his or her cards on their foreheads without looking at the cards. You can look at the cards from other players, but you cannot look at your own cards. You then decide if you want to play if you think you are the player with the highest card.
    Kaana King and Jack You and all other players get 3 or 4 cards. Any kings or jacks that have a side profile and only one eye visible are a Wild card. Example: Kind of Diamonds, Jack of Spades.
    Kiss-Miss-Bliss This means that every player gets 5 cards. You can then select 3 wild joker cards from any of your 5 cards. Kiss is cards in a row according to numbers, example A,2 or J,Q. Miss is a pair of hands that is left to create a row of cards, example A,3 or 8,10. Bliss is when 2 cards have the same numbers, e.g A,A or 4,4
    High-low Split A high low split means that a pot is split between players who have the best high hand and the player with the low hand.

    Can you play teen patti for free?


    Yes, you can access and play free teen patti online!

    There are numerous teen patti India platforms providing players with the opportunity to play amazing formats of online teen patti, but the best strategy of all is practice. Practice makes perfect and this goes for practicing on the Teen Patti game also.

    There are many ways to learn teen patti, even with a deck of cards at home and trying a solo game, you can also play authentic demo games online that enable you to play free games with the risks removed.

    With free online teen patti you get to play real money games in their demo mode feature, meaning no payout and no payment to play. Through risk-free demo games, you get to learn and practice on the games you can play inside the online casinos.

    You can learn how to budget with your free play coins. You can form new strategies on how you bet with your budget. You can look for gaming patterns and you can find with the format of teen patti is more profitable to play, live or virtual machine?

    Free demo games are operational from any device, you can even play from your mobile without the need for downloading more software. Once you feel you are comfortable enough with the rules and have a winning strategy to hand, you can then pursue to games for real money, so let’s share with you now the best real money casinos in India.

    Teen Patti Terminology


    Discovering the Teen Patti game for the first time might throw up some terms that are new to you, so not to leave you stuck whilst playing the game of Teen Patti online, we have put together a brief list of terms that are commonly used in the live teen patti card game.

    Pot – The pot is a term most commonly used when playing teen patti offline and in traditional casinos. The pot is the collection of money put into the game from all player’s bets. As you will mostly be playing online, the term pot will not be referenced to because you are making a straight bet between you and the casino and unlikely other players.

    Ante – Before the game of 3 patti begins you must firstly place your opening wager which must be in line or more than the minimum betting limit.

    Chaal – The move of Chaal which means chance, is a term used for placing a bet down after you have seen the cards you have been dealt by the dealer.

    Blind – The term blind is used when placing a bet down having not seen the cards first and therefore forecasting your approach to the table without knowing how strong or weak your hand is.

    Sideshow – The sideshow is the final reveal. You will ask others in the game to reveal their cards if you have all opted for the chaal move. If agreed by all participants, all cards are revealed, along with the winner.

    Fixed limit – Having a fixed limit means that a pre-decided value is set as the maximum and minimum betting amount.

    Spread limit – A spread bet will allow you to raise your wager to any limit within that one game round, this can be to the advantage of high roller players.

    Fold – If you feel you have been dealt a weak hand and all the masterful bluffing cant save you, you can simply fold and retire from the game. You lose your wager and move onto the next game.

    And that about covers it for the game and you should now be ready to explore teen patti India sites to play the game in either virtual or live mode and perhaps free demo mode first to practice.

    Frequently asked Questions about Teen Patti

    Is it legal to play teen patti in India?

    Yes, it is legal for you to play teen Patti online from any licensed operator. But it is illegal to play a game of teen patti poker inside of India’s land-based casinos. The ruling is all about the finer detail within the Gambling Act of 1867. Now, this does get updated and yet still, it clearly does not restrict players from obtaining gambling services online. In fact, the only instance where online gambling was drafted into the 1867 Act, was in reference to banning and making illegal for online sites to advertise their services. The result being that online gambling is 100% LEGAL, but no-one really knows about it because no-one can advertise it.

    Can I play Online Teen Patti for Free?

    Yes, you can access and play free teen pattie online! There are numerous teen patti India platforms providing players with the opportunity to play amazing formats of online teen patti, but the best strategy of all is practice. Practice makes perfect and this goes for practicing on the Teen Patti game also. You can play authentic demo games online that enable you to play free games with the risks removed. With free online teen patti you get to play real money games in their demo mode feature, meaning no payout and no payment to play. Through risk-free demo games, you get to learn and practice on the games you can play inside the online casinos.

    Which is the Best Hand in Teen Patti?

    The best hand to get in teen patti is the trio or the trial. This hand holds a 3 card sequence with the same rank. The higher option would be three aces or kings. The lower ranking would be three twos. In poker this would be referred to as a three of a kind but here it's to top hand. the frequency of this hand is scored at 52 and the odds are 424 to 1. the probability of landing a trio is 0.24%.

    Is Online Teen Patti Rigged?

    No. No online game is rigged because all online casino game go through independently checked tests. Both virtual and live dealer tables are inspected to make sure the games are fair and meet the regulation and fit for purpose. The games of teen patti are then regularly checked once online to make sure games are not affected by faults, bugs, or faulty equipment.

    Where Can I Play Teen Patti Online?

    From our guide, we direct you to the top sites in India that offer you the best package of teen patti online. Our top 3 recommendation are:

    • 10Cric Casino
    • Genesis Casino
    • LeoVegas Casino
    From these sites, you can play live teen patti with Indian dealers and speak Hindi or English with them. Plus, you are also able to collect special bonuses that can be used on live teen patti games.

    Can You Bluff In Online Teen patti?

    Yes and no. It's all about know when and how to bluff. playing online is tricky when trying to bluff as no-one can see you, you only have the live chat window and your betting. You can bluff by making small bets had have other players think you are bluffing, and you can type things in the live chat to put them off. But, if truth be told, there is little chance that you will play with others on a multiplayer table and that this is a pointless strategy, when others would prove more fruitful.

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