Where can Indians find the Best roulette casino online?

One of the biggest favourites amongst casino games available is roulette. It’s easy-to-play, rewarding, and entertaining. So, to help introduce you to the table game that is loved by scores of Indian players, we made this online roulette India guide that will present you to the best roulette websites to join.


Online Roulette Online Roulette


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Welcome to our Roulette guide, where we will advise you of the rules on how to play different formats of Indian roulette, tell you how to play roulette for free, access live dealer roulette games and loads more. Roulette is a game that has been through most of history. In the centuries it has existed, it has been played by noble classes and across many cultures in time. The game has shifted, adapted and reinvented itself whilst still retaining the core rules of play. And even now, roulette online shares with players of India all the gaming variant that has helped to make the roulette casino game not just a singular feature, but a game of stunning diversity.

Roulette is a game of simple rules and multiple betting options. It’s a game that invites all types of players and is able to entertain across many levels. This is the success of roulette, it’s a far more immersive and yet open game than any card game because there are no constraints to how you bet.

Best Roulette online casinos in India

Your experience of Indian roulette, of course, begins inside of the top online roulette websites that we present below. Each site is unbiasedly reviewed, and we are also able to share with you some very special exclusive bonuses.

If you want to join any of the best roulette sites in India, then this guide is where you will need to begin.

Play Free roulette online

Any introduction to a new casino game must be done under the right conditions, as such, for those wishing to pursue an interest in accessing roulette online, can do so freely and without risk by playing demo games. We house the widest selection of roulette games in India, used by the best roulette websites, you can enjoy authentic, licensed table games of roulette in their demo format that are available 24/7 right here at Casinos-India.

Free demo roulette is a great way, if not the best way, to introduce yourself to the game. You have a safe chance to play official casino games without any cost, risks, downloads, or registrations. Free demo games are real money games without the payout. Your odds of winning are the same and so too are the rules.

These games are the very blueprint that is needed to learn the game, how to bet and how winnings are achieved. Through practice and study, you can find the ideal online roulette variant and build strategies to win around that game.

Each demo game offers a vast amount of credit to play with, obviously, you cannot gain any financial bonus from this, but even with a balance upwards of 100,000, you should still use this to learn how to budget and experiment with different wagering values to see how it affect the game’s outcome.

The key to all this is to recognise that even though roulette is largely based on luck, there are many different types of roulette online, many by many different software developers.

You may find there are 5, 10, 100 different American roulette tables available, they will all have the same rules to play them, but they still may be programmed differently when it comes to their RNG algorithms.

RNG is a Random Number Generator, this is a software program designed to produce random outcomes, to do this the software uses upwards of 30 billion numbers to form a huge sequences process. Now, if one company uses more than 30 billion or less, then the results are not going to be the same in terms of ‘randomness’. You can only so many random patterns with 10 numbers, than you can with 5 or 500. By practicing and using our selection of free online roulette games, you can discover the variants of roulette that are more profitable to play.

At the point of completing your practice and once you have built your confidence around the game, you can then begin to play with real money. You will now also know which games to play with any roulette bonus so that they are not wasted.

What is the difference between traditional casino roulette and Online casino roulette?

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If you have played roulette before but just not inside any online roulette India sites, then do not worry or panic, the game online is the same as it is offline. If you are new to roulette in every sense and looking to join one of the top online roulette websites, what you’ll experience is a game that is played just as it is inside of land-based casinos.

The rules are the same, how you win is the same and the odds of winning, yes, are the same. What changes is the service, how roulette is presented and offered to members of various online casinos. To use a crass analogy, you can get a burger in 100 different restaurants, now they are all just a burger, but they are not the same burger. And this is how roulette works online, you have many casinos offering roulette and many different types of roulette, but the roulette games are each different.

With traditional casinos and their service, the game of roulette would be a presentation of both European and American roulette. You may also find that there would be specialist VIP tables depending on the stature of the casino. Now, an average casino like this is perhaps hosting at most 5 roulette tables, but let’s be super-generous and say the biggest land-based casino in India offered twice this, you would still only have 5 American Roulette tables and 5 European Roulette tables, so it remains a choice of two.

With online casinos, you have both these American and European roulette tables in RNG formatting and as live table features. Then you have the other variant and for this, let’s just be general and highlight French Roulette, double ball roulette, VIP roulette and Football Studio roulette. So, we have picked four additional and common roulette variants, this is now four more than land-based casinos, and this is just scratching the surface because these games are also provided multiple times because of the different software developers involved with India’s best online casinos.

You may discover three different types of live European roulette tables inside your preferred casino and that’s because one is made by Ezugi, another by NetEnt Live, and the final one by Evolution Gaming. Now, you can begin to imagine the numbers involved in the service of online roulette and why players are turning to online casinos for opportunities to play, rather than having to make a pilgrimage to a land-based casino with fewer options.

But this is not all, online services allow you to acquire casino bonuses and rewards, something land-based casinos rarely do unless you’re considered to be a VIP member. Online, every player is equal and as a result, you can access and use numerous casino bonuses to help you play roulette and win real money that you can keep.

Plus, don’t forget, you can access free online roulette right here at Casinos-India.

How does roulette work online?

The engagement of roulette online is very simple and is pretty much the same across all the top online roulette websites. Roulette is a game that is very popular amongst first-time players. It’s the go-to game for those wishing to experience something different from online slot machines, which is the most popular game inside any online casino in India and the rest of the world.

Playing roulette online is something that can be done anywhere and at any time because of the freedom of mobile gaming. Getting to a traditional casino can, for some, be a gruelling option and less convenient. Also, traditional casinos come with a certain burden of planning, just like going to the cinema, many wouldn’t consider going alone, the same with the casino, it’s usually an organized venture with friends. Online, this burden is removed, however, you do still have the opportunity to play against friends online inside some of India’s best online casinos.

As mentioned earlier, roulette is a game that is presented in different formats, you can play digitalised RNG games and you have the option of playing live dealer tables. Both offer unique experiences, one more than what any traditional high street casino does offer. So, as a player, you have a vastly rounded experience by playing casino games online, not just in the field of roulette games specifically, this works across the entire gaming spectrum for games and bonuses.

What some players online also tend to forget is that you do not have to subject yourself to the commitment of one online casino, you can join as many as you want. The choice is entirely yours and you can chop and change as many times as you like. Many players online only use up the bonus offers and then move onto the next online casinos. Playing online offers you total freedom as a roulette player.

Can you play roulette on mobile?

Yes, you can play roulette India tables from your mobile smartphone device and even free online roulette from our own site. All the best roulette websites can be accessed from your mobile’s web browsers as an option if you do not wish to download another mobile app.

Today, players in India can get instant online gaming at the tap or swipe of a screen, the only requirement being is that they have a Wi-Fi or internet connection as online casinos are available through any Android, Windows or iOS device.

When it comes to the technical aspects of online casinos, sites are built using HTML software, number 5 being the latest. This software allows casinos online to be played through any device from Desktops to MacBook’s, Tablets to Mobiles. The HTML software allows you to play without needing to download extra software. In the past, there would have been the requirement to download a JavaScript tool or to download Flash Player, not now or ever again. In addition to the fixed downloading issues, you can also get security support directly from the browser’s SSL security. All online casinos are supported by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software that encrypts and codes all personal data.

The mobile as a device will not impair any gaming feature or technical aspect. Playing from your mobile will still allow you to stream quality live and award-winning roulette. The software also provides a gaming memory feature. If you are playing roulette and the internet disconnects, you will be able to pick up from the exact spot once reconnected. If playing live, and your bet comes in whilst it disconnects, your bet remains. If playing an RNG game of roulette and you suffer a disconnection, your game will auto-pause and will reconnect once the internet connection has been re-established.

If you wish to play via a mobile app, the same technical principles apply, and you will still have the benefit of security from every top Indian casino app. App gaming allows for instant roulette games to load up, you can play live roulette from your casino app and you’ll have all the other casino services to use as well.

Most mobile apps come in at approximately 53MB in size, they can be synchronized to your phone’s identity security that can also be used as a substitute to the traditional logging in with a username and a password.

The different variants of roulette you will find in online casinos

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Roulette online is not a singular option, there is no one roulette game, but many types of roulette games. But before you rush off to spin the wheel to win real money in India, it’s best to be aware of the important aspects within the variants of the roulette game and the wheels. There are two distinct types of roulette. This is American roulette and European roulette. This comes down to the difference in the numbers that are used. American roulette uses an additional number in the form of a double-zero. This forms 38 numbers on the roulette wheel and table. With European roulette, the double-zero is not included so only 0 to 36 exist, making a total of 37. Now, the European version of the game is the most common wheel variant and is used across all other roulette games. Even French roulette uses a European wheel of 37 numbers.

What comes with the change in wheel type is a change in the odds of winning real money from these roulette games online.

American roulette with its 38th number of double-zero (00), gives the house an edge of 5.6%, whereas European roulette and other variants using the 37-numbered wheel come with house edges of 2.7%. This knowledge immediately becomes your first strategical option, knowing that you will fair better just by focusing on 37-numbers wheels and tables.

Other online roulette variants

When looking to play roulette India players have a rich selection of the best roulette websites used by players throughout the world. As a reward, they are treated to an incredible selection of roulette variants that each promise a new way of playing and winning whilst still holding onto the principle rules of the traditional roulette games online and offline.

There are many variants with approximately 12 different ones for RNG games and approximately the same for live dealer games. A number of these features are also available to play from free inside our Free Online Casino Games section.

Here’s a closer look at the more popular variants that are being played by Indian players inside the top 10 casinos online that you can also join.

  • High Stakes Roulette : Playing high stakes should only be for those with a bankroll that is expendable. This is a game that was created for high rollers. With high stakes tables, you can play bets up to 500 chips and players are afforded the luxury of time as they decide what bets to place because when playing this live, there is usually a time in which bets must be placed before the roulette wheel is spun.
  • Low Stakes Roulette : The opposite and in contrast to high stakes roulette is low stakes. This a game for those with a clear eye on budget and finance. The games wagering is as low as it gets with the highest available bet possible at 1.00. You still have the luxury of landing odds of 35 to 1 to help boost your profit potential.
  • European Roulette : As mentioned, this is the more common of roulette features because the wheel is found in 99% of all roulette variants. The game produces one of the fewest house edges on the game with a score of only 2.70% in the casino’s favour.
  • French Roulette : Using the European wheel, the French variant only changes in the side betting option on the table. French roulette offer players the chance to bet on certain parts of the wheel, one of which returns half of the wager which reduces the house edge down to 1.35% for this particular bet. otherwise, by ignoring the side bet options, this is just European roulette and the overall edge remains are 2.70%.
  • American Roulette: Of all the variants to avoid, this is the one. American roulette stands out because it is the only roulette variant that possesses 38 numbers on the wheel. Players are given an additional option to bet on number 00. This extra number doesn’t boost any chances for the player, in fact, the house benefits with an edge of 5.26%.
  • Speed Roulette : Speed Roulette is amongst one of the more popular live dealer variants of the game and it is played as it sounds. With speed roulette, as you may have guessed, is all about time. This is about picking your bets, spinning the roulette wheel and having a result in under 25 seconds of play. This game plays on a European table so the house edge is the same, however, there is one difference in the odds and single numbers instead come with a multiplier, with singles at 29 to 1 for a payout.
  • Mini Roulette : following in the steps of mini baccarat, you also have the option of mini roulette. This compact version is a smaller variant that hosts different odds with all normal bets that would normally payout 2 to 1 with ‘normal’ roulette, they are instead 3 to 1 when it comes to mini roulette.
  • Royal Roulette : How about something so unique that it mixes up roulette and online card games. Rather than numbers, Royal Roulette is played using card features from a regular single deck of cards. This variant offers a higher payout but the odds of this are not to your favour. This is because the joker card plays as a zero. The Royal Roulette variant also includes a progressive jackpot feature, this, however, is a rare find within the available casinos here in India. Overall, the house edge comes in at 7.69% which is a clear avoid sign if ever there was one.
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Different ways to play roulette online

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So, there are two formats that come with the option of experiencing online roulette real money India games. Playing live and playing RNG machines.

Each of the top online roulette websites gives you both, neither one or the other, so you are off to a good start when picking your future casino or casinos from Casinos-India.

Which is the better game to play, against machine or against the dealer on a real roulette table? We’ll there are arguments for both, hence why they are still in circulation because the demand is still high for both formats.

Roulette at live casinos

Within the best casinos online you will find the roulette casino game played live. This is a live streaming service, broadcasting dozens of roulette games through webcams and for you to be able to play in real-time against live dealers and hosts.

The live streaming platform allows you to play against Hindi and English-speaking dealers, just as you have if playing Teen Patti and Andar Bahar in these top sites. You can speak with the dealers using your mic or just through simple live chat messenger.

The selection of online roulette India tables is numerous. You will have all the variants common to the roulette game including American roulette, French roulette, European roulette, Namaste Roulette, Speed Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Football Studio Roulette, Double Wheel Roulette, and many others including VIP tables.

This is fully immersive gaming unlike anything else. You can select the camera angle, you can play on real tables, you can also see other games in the background. This brings a real casino atmosphere online that uses a digital gaming panel that allows you to place your bets on.

One of the highlights of playing live roulette online, is the associated developer Evolution Gaming. They practically created the platform and for their efforts and talent, have won the Best Live Casino Supplier Award at the ERG for the past consecutive 11-years! Players in India will have access to this prestigious gaming development inside every one of the top 10 Indian casino sites listed here at Casinos-India.

RNG virtual roulette machines

Random Number Generator, the fairest form of gaming development there is and reserved for classic games like roulette. Playing as a virtual simulation of a game may not be what most players are after given you have the real thing available at the same casino. But RNG offers a solitary game and for some players, this is enough. The idea of playing a machine may make you think that it is more likely to be rigged but that is far from the case because of its algorithm programming, which is also independently tested and verified before it is made available to online casinos in India.

RNG gaming in roulette covers a range of variants that are also in the mould of live dealer tables, so you won miss out on a specific kind of live dealer game as you will find it in an RNG format.

The benefit of which, is that RNG games are available as demo mode features, a free gaming option to practice and learn from before playing real money casino games.

Two-ball roulette

Another Indian roulette feature that is kind of leftfield is the two-ball roulette variant of double-ball roulette. With this game, you can, of course, win twice. In 2018, Evolution Gaming picked up an innovation award for Best Innovators for their game Lightning roulette, which offers players in India a chance to win big in roulette. With Lightning roulette, the game randomly selects five numbers that are given multipliers. This can provide wins that are up to 500x the player’s wager. So, you can see why this is the most popular live dealer variant available and you will be able to access this game across all top 10 roulette casinos in India.

Placing bets in Online roulette

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One of the clearest fascinations with the roulette casino game and its success amongst players is the fact that you can place many different bets within the game. For any new player looking to play roulette, there could be some hesitation when looking at the table, but this is a display of the game’s beauty. Each part of the table is an area where a chip can be placed, and bet made.

There are two categories of betting called Inside and Outside bets, but it’s the odds which are important about these sections. The inside bets consist within the main frame of the table, the numbers. The outside bets are those that frame the outer edges of the numbers. Inside bets have a higher payout return but a lower probability. Single number bets come with a payout of 35 to 1 as an example. Outside bets have a higher chance of landing by the returns are as low as evens and 2 to 1. These include betting on colour and odd and even number.

The glory in roulette is the ability to be able to combine and mix these betting options.

Roulette terms and betting options

The inside betting hosts a range of options to place your chips on. Here we cover each option you have explaining where you should place your chip on the table and what are the odds of each inside bet that comes with any variant of roulette that you play.

  • Straight known as the single number bet, this is bet can be placed multiple times as long as your betting chip is placed on one number. The odds of this single number bet is 35 to 1.
  • Split The split bet is a 2 number combination bet that has a chip placed on the line between two numbers i.e. 1 and 2 or 3 and 6. You can pick any two numbers next two each other anywhere on the table. The odds for this bet should it land pays out at 17 to 1.
  • Street This is a triple number combination bet that covers a single row of 3 numbers. an example of this is 4, 5, and 6 or 7, 8, and 9. The chip is places half on the line of the bottom number in the row, so if you pick 4, 5, and 6, place your chip half on the line of 4 and into to the 1st 12 box. The odds from the bet payout at 8 to 1.
  • Corner / Square This bet covers quarters, 4 number anyway on the table by placing your betting chip in the middle of the 4 numbers you wish for your bet to cover. The odds covering these number come with a payout of 6 to 1.
  • Six Line / Double Street This bet is a repeat of the Street bet but this time you are covering 2 rows of 3 numbers, thusly totally 6. Place your chip on half on the bottom number between two rows. If your bet lands, the odds are paid at 5 to 1.
  • First Four This bet involves the 0, 1, 2, and 3 numbers with your betting chip places on the corner of one and 0 or 0 and 3. The odds from a won bet return a payout at 5 to 1.
  • Top Line / Basket Available only on the American roulette, this is like the first four, but with the additional double-zero (00) you are covering the first five numbers. Repeat the move above and if you win the payout is 6 to 1.

As you can see from the odds presented, it goes to show why picking online roulette real money India tables can be so profitable. Remember, this is just the inside bets that you can pick when you play roulette, let’s now look at the outside bets found within the game.

Roulette outside bets

The outside bets belonging to the online roulette game are where the more astute player will place their bets. They recognize that roulette is a game that brings about a need for patience to build your profits because the inside bets are trickier to capitalize from.

Here is how they look and what odds are available from each betting option.

  • 1-18 / 19-36 Value Set Often referred to the high and low bet given the two distinct categories, this bet comes with even odds to pay only 1 to 1.
  • Red / black Each number on the wheel has its own colour which is either red or black, zero being to exception as that is green. You can bet on either red or black and the odds of getting this as 1 to 1 because it’s a simple 50/50 bet but has an edge of 48.60 because of that green zero.
  • Even / Odd Will the number be odd or even? Well, if you bet on this and get it right the odds are even at 1 to 1 on the payout. The house edge is again slightly higher because of the zero on the wheel.
  • 1-12 / 13-24 / 23-36 Dozens Looking at the table, you will find three large sections that split the table into dozens, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dozens. Picking one of these sections comes with a possible odds win of 2 to 1.
  • Column At the far right end of the numbered rows you will spot 2 to 1, these are you’re your three column betting options. These numbers run 1 to 34, 2 to 35 and 3 to 36.
  • Snake - Snake betting follows a snake pattern on the roulette table. To place this bet, place your chips on the following numbers: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34. If any of these land the payout return is 2 to 1. This is a move that is only reserved on some specialist variants.

You can try out all the different bets whilst enjoying roulette for fun across out demos games. Play roulette and test which bets return more frequent wins and see if you can formulate a perfect roulette strategy on the perfect variant for you. Better to do this with no risks or costs before you decide to play with real money online.

How much can you win on online roulette?

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When you take part in any online roulette game, the returns you make are relative to the amount of money you place on your bet. By using demo games of roulette for fun only first, you can gauge which are the best bets to place and, thusly, preserve more of your bankroll.

The two factors of making money when you play roulette come down to two simple factors

  1. The amount of your wager: the more you bet the greater your return will be on the betting odds.
  2. The betting odds: the odds will vary depending on the probability of the bet’s outcome. The most lucrative being the single bet at 35 to 1, so a bet of 100 rupees would return a win of 3,600 rupees.

The game does offer some very eye-opening odds and for a new player to see these kinds of returns would no-doubt be very seductive. But roulette is not a game that comes with a single jackpot, it is a game that must be played methodically. Taking low risks and higher chances when finances can allow for those risks.

Can I use casino bonuses for online roulette games?

Yes, in fact, every variant of roulette can be played with a casino bonus, terms permitting. There are made different casinos out there on the Indian market and each with their own unique promotions, some specifically for the roulette game like at Betway casino.

If your aim is to play roulette online with the intention of using a casino bonus, then the best step would be to begin with our reviews to breakdown what beneficial bonuses are available and what kind of roulette the casino is able to provide. You will want to play roulette India tables that are live, ideally.

Live tables are often better to use because, with a majority of casino bonuses, you are looking to gain extra rupee credit to play with. Free spins bonuses are not always eligible to play and are not a wise option when looking to pay off any wagering requirement as they usually account for only 10% of the wagering payment.

Once you have read out reviews, next, take a direct look at the bonus terms and conditions of each bonus within each site to see which is more profitable to use. The terms will inform you of the deposit needed to activate the bet, then you have the eligible games listed, the wagering requirement rules and the expiry date of the casino bonus.

Are there any strategies for winning at online roulette?

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Can roulette results be predicted or are there any viable ‘cheats’ that can improve your chances? Well, the game is 100% based on luck, unless you personally have the skills to predict winning numbers.

When you play roulette online, there really is no place for skill and there are no favourable tools or mathematics to use whilst playing to better your chances.

There are no hidden patterns when you play roulette India tables. The only viable things you can incorporate in terms of strategy is a change in how you approach the roulette game as a player. This is why free demo gaming is so important because the old adage is still right, and practice does make perfect.

Now there are roulette strategies out there that have come with the game for decades and they are there to boost the potential of your wins by counteracting against the probabilities. Here are some examples of famous roulette strategies that players use today throughout the Indian casinos online.

The Martingale Strategy:

The Martingale system works by hedging the odds against the likelihood of a winning result. What this move entails is the player increasing their stake one unit after each losing round. the result and logic being that when a win does land, the profit margin is vast enough to cover the incremental expenses that led to the win.

D’Alembert Roulette System:

Not as risky as the Martingale method but just as effective in principle. With this bet, the wager is increased one unit after a win, not a loss. Should a loss be a result, then a decrease in the unit amount follows.

There are many simplistic factors that help you become and better player and achieve with more awareness. Avoiding American roulette and other variants with a higher house edge would clearly be the most obvious place to start. Another simple tactic is to seek out casino bonuses. If you are able to cash in on more money to fill your bankroll, you will be able to play games longer and time is the best tool for building a profit margin.

Also, avoid betting on green zero or double zero in American roulette, the odds are high for a reasons don’t go thinking you are somehow special in being able to achieve what millions of other players have sought to do and yet failed. Play smart and sensibly.

Summary: Different opportunities to play roulette online

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The roulette game is an all-time classic and is loved by players with a passion for the classical forms of entertainment. When you play roulette online, you are knowingly embarking on a game of chance, there is no purer game though compared to the like of slots and bingo or craps. Roulette players accept the fate but love it consequently. No online roulette game is ever the same thanks to its ingenious design and production. It has lasted the tests of time and throughout the centuries has grown into other variants that have enthralled millions of players around the world.

As an online casino game, it one of the most played classical game. It is very much the go-to-game whenever a brand-new player wishes to just try something different away from the slots. This is helped by the game’s iconic status and by the fact that the gaming is so simple, you could perhaps intuitively guess how the game works without having to look at the rules.

We now come to the end of our gaming review on the subject of roulette and we leave you with a reminder on the finer points of the table game.

✅ It’s a game that is in the top 10 for best odds and low house edge amongst other casino games.

✅ You can play against live Indian dealers that speak Hindi and English. Look out for special Namaste Roulette.

✅ Look out for eligible roulette bonuses to help you win more rupees from both live and RNG games. Remember to read the terms and conditions before you deposit to claim.

✅ Enjoy all formats of roulette across all mobile devices. If you have Android and iOS, you can play roulette online without the need of any mobile app or extra software.

✅ All top 10 sites recommended are licensed and regulated and all games are independently tested to be certified fair and safe to use. Rule number one of gambling online covered, stay safe before you play safe.

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