Best Google Pay Casinos India

In this Google Pay India review, we share with you the details on what Gpay is, what Google Pay online casino platforms you can join by presenting the top websites that accept Google Pay. You will learn of the benefits of their service, how to register and how to enact deposits and withdrawals from the best Indian casinos online.

Best 6 Google Pay Casinos in India
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Pure Casino₹10000
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GenesisR15000300 Free Spins
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10 Cric₹70000+ ₹5000 Free Bet
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Betway Casino₹60000
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888 Casino$1500
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What is a Google Pay online casino?

The Google Pay service has been in development for many years now. It’s been a standard service for financial transactions for a number of years but it’s only recently in the past 12 months that Google Pay has been cropping up under payment menus within India more established online casinos. The term GPay is often seen in the sites and is the same service. We present to you know, the top 10 casinos in India (above), but which of them will allow you to use Google Pay?

The Google Pay India came about through a merger between the services of Android Pay and Google Wallet. This merger came together in August 2018. The perk of the service is that it is available through any device that can pick up Google, such as the mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Because of its accessibility, you will have Google Pay gambling opportunities pretty much everywhere. The Gpay service is also connected to your Google account.

As with any growth in service and popularity, it doesn’t take long for casinos to become attached, the same happened with Bitcoin and Apple Pay, now it’s the turn for Google to have a role in the transactional services of its users. Google Pay helps you to transfer money to other account holders, it allows for the payment of goods and services online, it can be used offline if terminals are found in stores and it can now be used to acquire the services of online casinos here in India.

How do you SignUp for G pay India?

So, how do you get a Google Pay India account set up so that you are able to join a Google Pay online casino?

Well, it’s not uncommon to find that many people already have a Google account this being the case because google email is so popular. If you have a google account in place, you are half-way to being set up already.

The setting up of the payments service i.e. GPay can be done by selecting the option within the google account. If you do not have one, then it simply is a means of setting up a Gmail email account and you will automatically have a google account to use various services from like buying Android apps for your mobile.

By selecting to have a payment service – G Pay, you only have to allocate your bank account to the service. it can support all Indian banking firms that include Visa credit cards and MasterCard, American Express Card, Discover, Diners Club Card, JCB, Maestro, UPI or RuPay.

Almost every bank that is inside India is able to be synced to Google Pay. As you can see from the list, the last options are local services more commonly used for the Indian currency.

Once you have made your online Google account, you should download the free app to your mobile device and have immediate access to all the Google services that are available through it. With all services combined through one core dynamic, everything becomes incredibly easier to use, you will have the same password and username for all your Google products, same pin codes, safety questions and more. Even the least tech-savvy players will find using Google services very simple.

How to Deposit rupees to an Online Casino with G Pay?

Let’s now look at how Google Pay India works and making deposits through GPay so that you can experience Google Pay gambling from inside the number of available Google casinos there are online.

  1. Select a Google Play casino from our recommended list of top Indian google sites.
  2. Then from your google account, you need to transfer money from your bank into G Pay. So, the funding is ready to be transferred.
  3. Back into the casino, head to deposit and select GPay as your preferred method of payment.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer which must not be any greater than the sum available.
  5. The payment will be deposited into your casino account instantly for you to begin playing.

Each online casino is different in what it can take in terms of deposit values, so you must make sure you are depositing the minimum or more than, in order to complete the transaction.

How to Withdraw Rupees From a Google Pay casino

So, now we look at the process of withdrawing payment by using the Google Pay India service.

  1. If you have already won money from your Google Pay online casino then head to the casino’s banking feature.
  2. Select the option that highlights withdrawal.
  3. Your payment preference should be G Pay and with this, you enter the amount you wish to place back into your G Pay account.
  4. If requested to provide documents for proof of ID, this is a one-off measure carried out by the casino so that they, themselves are compliant with the regulator’s standards of service to make sure precautionary measures are taking place. If asked, it will be a one-off request. Comply by providing the ID and documents requested.
  5. Once withdrawal requirements are complete the process is done.

However, it must be noted that as yet, Google Pay doesn’t yet allow for withdrawals via its service. As such, and until this is available, there are many other e-wallet services that are able to provide the same level of security and service to handle withdrawals of your winnings. More information can be found within our other payment guide reviews.

G Pay casino Withdrawal Time and fees

As yet, the service of Google Pay India is unable to provide a withdrawal payment service, therefore, you shouldn’t concern yourself with fees and charges as they do not exist until the systems are in place for user to be able to confirm.

The websites that accept Google Pay won’t all instantly make withdraws a thing. Casinos put in place deals of service, casinos will pay x-amount to use Gpay and if having withdrawals as an option cost more money, then some may be put off.

You can most definitely use the payment method to instigate Google Pay gambling, but you will have to find another service that can handle the return of funds into your bank account.

Look for one with no fees and an adequate withdrawal time, examples include Skrill and Neteller payments.

What are the Benefits of depositing with Google Pay In India?

We take a look at the benefits of using Google Pay India as an option to deposit with inside your Google Pay online casino. We break these benefits down and remind you to look out for any G pay 2020 offer that is promoted by the top 10 casino.

  1. Safety and Google go hand in hand and is up there as one of the most safest you will find in the world. The process uses innovative technology called Near Field Communications that is used to transfer the money and data.
  2. There are zero fees involved when using Google Pay, thus helping to keep costs down and helping to make the transaction time a lot faster.
  3. There are no additional security checks to go through, so you will not be asked to display verification documents.
  4. Google Pay is perfect for users with Android devices. Any smartphone working with the Lollipop 5.0 system and above can take full enjoyment from this Google service.

What are the disadvantages of depositing with Google Pay in Indian casinos?

• Connection to the phone – while having a Google Pay available on your phone at all times seems like a blessing, one has to wonder what happens when you lose your mobile phone? From this perspective, alternative methods like vouchers seem more reasonable.

Is Google Pay India all perfect? Let us take a look at some of the disadvantages of the services and how it can affect your experience of a Google Pay online casino.

  • By not being able to withdraw you only get half a service. This makes it uneven and puts the onus on the player to use and possibly register for another banking service.
  • There are a limited number of Google Pay casinos available in India as the payment option is still in its infancy for all casinos to take notice and see the value in providing it as the main option.
  • With Google Pay connected to your mobile phone, what should happen if you lose your device? Well, there are measures in place for this, but this now becomes a drawn-out process that may become more stressful and an easy fix.

Play at a top Google pay online casino

The Google Pay India service is one that is perfectly acceptable as a system to handle finances and helps you to deposit money into Gpay friendly casinos, but that’s as far as it goes as it needs a bit more work to make it the complete package. There aren’t too many websites that accept Google Pay, so the market becomes more narrow in your choice if you are aiming to use the service.

If you are to use Google Pay India, then you must accept the fact that you will have to select another payment service to look after your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to deposit with Google Pay in India

Can I use Google Pay in India?

Yes. Google Pay can be synced to a number of regular banking services that include Visa cards and MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro, UPI or RuPay. The last two are your more common Indian banking services, so yes, your rupees are completely secured if you opt to use G Pay as an e-wallet service.

Which is the best Google Pay casino site for Indian players?

There aren't too many casinos in India that are able to offer Google Pay as a payment service, and picking the best is all relevant to what other features you are looking for from an online casino. We, therefore, advise that check out the list of casinos and read their reviews.

Can you deposit using Google Pay if you don’t have a Google Pay account?

No. a Google Pay account is necessary because you will be synchronizing your bank details to this services so that you are able to put money into your Google Pay account and take it back out from your Google Pay account. Setting an account up is super easy and you only need to form a gmail email address.

How to withdraw online casino winnings in Google Pay?

Withdrawing payment is not yet an option. If you wish to withdraw money from your account, we ask that you seek and alternative form of payment to conclude these transactions.

Is there any fee associated with using Google Pay at online casino sites?

No. Using Google Pay is 100% free and there are no hidden fees.

Are there any online Google Pay casinos?

Please refer to our list highlighted in the review to select where to join and play using your Google Pay banking service.