Paytm Casino: Best Paytm Casinos in India

Paytm is a name we are all familiar within India. It has become a popular banking service, even perhaps the leading payment service in India because it works through people’s mobile phones. In this Paytm review, we will be discussing how this e-commerce payment method can be used for the best online casino sites.

Which Online Casinos Support Paytm?
CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Doggo casino Doggo Casino
Play Now
Cric 10 Cric €50Free Play
Play Now
Betway Casino Betway Casino €1000
Play Now
Caxino casino Caxino Casino €200+ 100 Free Spins
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LeoVegas Leo​Vegas €400
Play Now
bet Casino 22​bet Casino ₹25000
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Royal Panda Casino Royal Panda
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Twin Casino Twin Casino
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Bons casino Bons Casino
Play Now
KTO Casino KTO Casino $1700
Play Now
Mostbet casino Most​bet
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Megapari Casino Megapari
Play Now
Pure Win Casino Pure Win ₹90000
Play Now
Slotv Slot​V
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Casino Days Casino Days
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BritainPlay Casino Britain​Play $50
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Hello Casino Hello Casino R5000+50 Free Spins
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Pocket Play Casino Pocket Play $300+ 100 Free Spins
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Roku Casino Roku Casino ₹7500
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Betwinner casino Bet​winner
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Multilotto Multi​lotto​
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JackpotCity Jackpot​City
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Spin Casino Spin Casino €1000 + 170 Free Spins
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The Gaming Club Gaming Club $350
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Unibet Casino Uni​bet Casino $100
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ComeOn Casino Come​On Casino $1000
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Lotto Lotto​247
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888 888 Casino €1500+ 88 Free Spins
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Dafabet Dafa​bet ₹600
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Bet Bet​365
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Genesis Casino Genesis $1000+ 300 Free Spins
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Casumo Casino Casumo Casino €300+ 50 Free Spins
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Rizk Casino Rizk Casino
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Paytm Is an Indian money transfer service

We will share with you which betting sites accept Paytm and from which experience Paytm games real money payouts. Not only will you pick your online casino from our top 10 list, but you can also enjoy your Paytm gambling experience with an exclusive first-time member welcome bonus from the Paytm casino.We will also be discussing the Paytm withdrawal and deposit steps once registered to a casino. We discuss security and the benefits of the service.

Paytm India is now a major force in the gambling industry and as such, may help you to enjoy the many online features and games that pay Paytm cash.

Paytm is an abbreviated word of Pay Through Mobile, and because India has the second largest number of mobiles per person in the world, it stands to reason why Paytm is so well used and makes for them to be a recognised and legitimate service that is fully integrated with an RBI UPI-payment portal. Meaning this is top of the tree in terms of payment security.

Paytm India

For the Best Paytm Casinos we have presented a list of sites that support the use of Paytm India for deposits and withdrawals. When it comes to selecting the right site, with the banking option being sorted, look to what the casino can then provide as a gaming service, does it tick all the right boxes when it comes to games, promotions, and accessibility.

First, let us take a brief look at how Paytm India came to be before it was used as a Paytm casino option.

The company is based in Noida which is located in Uttar Pradesh. The founder of the company is a Vijay Shekhar Sharma. The payment service is a life-product, it is connected to everything and anything. The Paytm service can synch your bills, rent, vehicle cost, travel and can purchase event tickets, flights and so many other services. The Paytm model offers a fast and safe form of payment transfer between Paytm account holders. There are also many benefits that we will come to besides the Paytm gambling option.

Through the service, you can claim discounted prices on high-quality products. The Paytm service has a website that is virtually a shop that lets you easily make purchases and even grocery shopping.

When Paytm first hit the market, it was the first mobile app to reach over 100 million downloads amongst Indian users. The success of the service and its approach was picked up by Canada and now services Canadians in the exact same way.

This is a 100% Indian service and as such, there is no currency conversion to concern yourself over. In the unlikely event that you join a casino that doesn’t accept rupees, then you may expect some conversion charge, but if you stick with our services and our top 10 lists, you will only find Indian rupee casinos available.

Which betting sites accept Paytm

There are four Paytm casinos for you to pick from. These are incredible sites in their own right that should be of significant interest, even if you were to use an alternative payment method.

The top 4 consists of Pure Casino, 10 Cric, Betway Casino, and 22 Bet Casino.

Each one can allow you to use the service of Paytm as a means of depositing and withdrawing funds and securing online transactions between the casino and your bank account.

Let us now show you how you can create your own Paytm account in our second part of this review.

Creating a Paytm account is free and easy

Formulating a Paytm account is very easy and will have you set up and ready to join any Paytm casino in a matter of minutes.

Okay, so getting an account set up is beyond easy. Should you want to get started right now and follow the steps of our guide, you could have your own Paytm account ready within 30 minutes, start to finish.

The first step you need to make is to download the free Paytm app because this is how the service is accessed being a mobile payment service. You can find direct access to this via Google. When you register through the mobile app, you will input your mobile phone number and you will need to also provide an email address and select a password.

Paytm will then issue you a one-time password to your number, you then use this with your name and date of birth to create your account and there you have it, your Paytm India account is complete and ready to use.

Verifying your Paytm account

You now have your Paytm India mobile app ready and account made, so now what happens? How do you go from app to Paytm casino?

Well, first, you need to verify your payment preference with your casino, which now means picking a Paytm gambling service and platform to bet and win Paytm cash.

When you make join any online casino, you must go through a KYC process. This stands for Know Your Customer, which is a regulatory check in aid to provide members a secure service to make sure no false accounts get made to then become involved in money laundering. This KYC is a compliance check done by every online casino in India.

The process is for you to provide evidence and proof of who you say you are, so this is ID. You can use your Aahar Card, your PAN Card or your Voter ID Card. Documents will be required for purposes of knowing where you live. A residential address can be taken from a banking statement or from a utility bill. The casino will only require seeing the official heading with your address so you can blank or any details you wish to keep private.

All this can be done through photos that are then attached to the online registration form. In some cases, these details may be asked of again down the line when making a large withdrawal, this is just part of the casino’s commitment to run random checks on all members, so it’s all part of the compliance process the casinos have to abide by because it is requested by the licensing regulators and not because they do not trust you.

Deposit with Paytm, withdraw with Paytm

The guidelines on how to withdraw money from Paytm and how to make deposits will be detailed within the actual casino, but the process of putting money into your casino account from your Paytm India account is fast and simple that it’s almost second nature.

The Paytm casino you opt to join will have a banking section, in this area you will make your requested Paytm cash deposit and your Paytm withdrawal.

So, let us look at the Paytm cashout method for both below…

How to make a casino deposit with Paytm

With your Paytm India account, depositing will be fast and easy and there are no hidden charges from any of the Paytm casino platforms we recommend.

To make a Paytm cash deposit you can use one of the following payment methods.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking

Paytm casino

The process of using the banking service with the four optional Paytm casinos is very simple to follow. The Paytm process works by being able to link any banking account to the service of Paytm using UPL. Paytm is a middle party and online security wallet that won’t put out details of your original banking account. So, you will deposit money from your bank into your Paytm account and from that account, you will transfer money to the Paytm casino. You won’t be able to link the service with other e-wallet businesses, so, for example, you cannot go from bank, to Paytm to Skrill, to casino.

e-wallets have to have direct contact with your banking account at each end. The same goes for the likes of Neteller, you can’t go from your bank to Neteller to Paytm, to then deposit into the casino.

Paytm withdrawal processes from the Paytm casino falls into the same bracket in terms of use. Wallet to wallet transfer Skrill to Paytm to bank is not possible.

Skrill to Paytm

Just like transferring Neteller to Paytm and from the service to your Paytm casino, the process of Skrill to Paytm is just the same. The importance is equal, Skrill must be used as a means of bypassing the RBI checks. Money will be withdrawn using Paytm and you will then transfer the funds into Skrill to pass onto the bank as a deposit. You can also work alternatively by going from bank to Skrill then into Paytm and then deposit into the casino.

The withdrawal options are just a mirror of this. The process is smooth and simple to you once it has all been set up.

Paytm cashout method

The cashout method with an e-wallet service like Skrill, Neteller, or even PayPal will provide faster transactions than with just Paytm alone. Using the solo Paytm cashout method will if approved by the RBI can take up to 5 days.

If you use the service of an e-Wallet with the Paytm cashout method then transactions can take up to 3 days.

What are the benefits of depositing with Paytm in India?

What is beneficial about a Paytm casino? These are the advantages and disadvantages of the payment service that we and other players experienced and reported.

Advantages of depositing with Paytm in Online Casinos Disadvantages of depositing with Paytm in Online Casinos
✅ The platform is very fast and easy to use ❌ Reaching any customer care service is hard, and when you get there they aren’t overly helpful
✅ The Paytm method makes it cheap to deposit money as there are no fees ❌ If you withdraw using the Paytm service there is a fee to pay which can be high
✅ The Paytm service is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India ❌ If you withdraw money from the Paytm wallet into your original bank account there is a 4% charge. So, you are encouraged to just spend from your Paytm account
✅ Paytm complies with strict laws and regulations to ensure your details are kept under the best security. Also, the casinos you are able to join operate under European GDPR laws which are deemed to be better at the security service ❌ There aren’t many Paytm casinos online in India
✅ The process of making a Paytm account takes no more time than 2 minutes
✅ Paytm supports low deposits with 500 INR being the lowest
✅ All Paytm payments are INSTANTLY deposited so you can play straight away

Which are the best Paytm casinos?

Despite the fact that Paytm India is one of the leading banking setups in the country, it is not as commonly used by online casinos in the same market. To find which betting sites accept Paytm you can use our list. In them, you will be able to access games like live Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. You can play classic games like Roulette and Blackjack and there are many Slot machines to play.

Many Paytm casinos come with live sports betting as an additional gambling platform where you can bet on live Indian cricket and watch the action streamed live to see the result of your bet come in.

Paytm casino India

Join the Best Paytm Casinos from our list and get yourself an exclusive welcome bonus when you join. Make sure that if possible, you do not use Paytm India without the aid of an additional e-wallet to help bypass the RBI checks that can block payments that are tied to casino services.

Best Paytm Casinos

Enjoy your experience inside the top Paytm casinos found in the Indian market. Remember to assess the gaming and services the Paytm casino provides. Do not make any judgement calls based on the promotional offers provided as they always change and are not a sign of the casino’s overall quality.

Check out our reviews linked in the list of the top 4 sites above to learn all about the possibilities and opportunities they present.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paytm Casinos

🎰 What is a Paytm casino?

This is a casino that allows you to use the services of Paytm to make deposits into the casino to be able to play the casino games. Plus, it allows you to use the service to withdraw your winnings, using the security that Paytm provides.

💳 Can I withdraw money with Paytm?

Yes. With a casino supporting the service of Paytm, you will be able to select this method of banking when looking to extract the winnings you have made. Simply select Paytm as your banking preference, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and process the payment with confirmation of your password to complete any withdrawal transaction.

💰 Which Online Casinos accept Paytm?

There are only four online casinos that currently accept the Paytm option. They are…

  • Pure Casino
  • 10 Cric
  • Betway Casino
  • 22 Bet Casino

🎁 Will I get a casino bonus when I deposit with Paytm?

Getting a casino bonus is relative to the site you join. Each of the four sites do offer a welcome bonus which can be claimed through any form of payment, Paytm included. The current offers available include the following, but please note that they are always subject to change.

  • Pure Casino: Exclusive ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus
  • 10 Cric: Exclusive ₹70,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Betway Casino: Exclusive ₹60,000 Welcome Bonus
  • 22 Bet Casino: Exclusive ₹25,000 Welcome Bonus

⚖️ Is Paytm legal to use in India?

Yes. The service was actually licensed by the Reserve Bank of India. The mobile app is used by over 100 million users and continues to support rupee payments with its quality security software. The Payment service meets all regulation laws set by the RBI.

💵 Can Paytm support Indian Rupees?

Yes. The payment service was created specifically to support players in India using the national currency of Indian rupees. When in use for casino services. The Paytm service supports deposit payments as low as 500 rupees.

📥 What is the minimum deposit with Paytm?

The Paytm service supports deposit payments as low as 500 rupees. All payments are instant, so you are able to play immediately.

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