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To further our transparent service, we wish to guide you through the policies that relate to your legal and personal rights. In this guide, we will discuss the use of personal information, how it is used and obtained by us here at

For clarity going forward, within the terms laid out, “our”, “we”, and “us” shall refer to

By reading our Privacy Policy, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and furthermore do so willingly whilst using the entirety of our service at

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Readers of this Privacy Policy will be referred to as “Users” or the “User”, other terms may include: “members”, “players”, and “followers”. The reference of Personal Data is defined as information and/or identities of the user.

Also, the term “Public Arena” will be in reference to the entirety of our website and service

2. Information We Collect Through Our Services:

Our Public Area will collect vital data that pertains to the users wishing to access specific areas of This collected data and the processing of its information works in four separate ways as clarified below:


The use of information obtained about the user is to allow us to provide a better bespoke service at The action is done through tracking and recording movements throughout our Public Area. The goal of this is to capture a profile of the user’s interests.


Personalized information can be requested. This will, for example, include user’s emails, residential addresses, full name and age, and where required the user’s mobile number or other contact details. These details are provided to us fully at the discretion of the user and will at times, where necessary, be required as a legal requirement. An example of this is the date of birth to ascertain if the user is of legal age to be using the services of


Data collection can be acquired automatically at by accessing the user's I.P address. The User’s I.P can carry information that is stored as ‘cookies’. This data gives us access to the user’s previously visited pages and what is visited after their use of The use of this data will be to monitor dates, times, and what pages have been accessed through the services provided by This information is used by us to interact with the user via instant messaging or email to produce a more bespoke experience and correct any issues that may have occurred.


The collection of data can be acquired for the purpose of ‘Authorized Services’. Information regarding the user that has willingly been provided to us, for example, an email to register for monthly newsletters. Such information can be used by Authorized Services to improve the service of and where necessary can be passed to third parties regarding legal matters upon demand. Other details acquired can include your photographic ID, date of birth, gender and full name.

3. How the Information We Collect is used wishes to validate our services for all members and as such, we will collect information about users during the visit of our site and use of our public area. Examples of this data extraction as listed below.

3.1 Operational Services

Information obtained can assist in the operation of the service, maintenance and can enhance the service offered. It will assist with any requests made by the user, assisting with comments and questions and recommendations to what can provide as an experience.

Information that has been acquired will help to better the general service, improve on maintenance and will help to enhance a tailored experience of overall. Data collected will, in turn, help to assist in user requests, assisting with user comments and questions. It will also help to improve on recommendations of the service.

3.2 Service Improvements

The collection of data is used to analyse user trends from the varied services provided on our website. This, in turn, can lead to better experiences, new products, improved service features and updating lesser-used functions and unpopular services.

3.3 Communications

Collected data will in some instances be used solely for administrative purposes.

(a) Customer service fields that require the need to address infringement rights, complaints, or violations.

(b) Updating services that may include exclusive offers from the products provided by and additional promotions. This updating will either be actioned by us or other third party affiliates.

Members can withdraw their data to cease involvement. Further information on this subject can found in Sec.5 ‘Your Right’.

3.4 Tracking and Cookie Technology

Personal data can be collected automatically via cookies and tracking to help assist in the following:

(a) Bespoke services. Examples include memorized personal information such as a username and password.

(b) Tailor-made content and advertising.

(c) Third-party and monitoring by

(d) Submissions and enter logs i.e. logged in status and promotional use.

3.5 Analytics

At, we use Google Analytics to measure the traffic through our public area and evaluate the results. There is no affiliation between Google and Both parties are independent. The reports gathered work separately for both parties, allowing Google to access the analytics for their own use and purposes. However, while your privacy is of importance to us, all data requested by Google from us will be non-identifiable. From Google’s end, information can assist in resolving technical matters and bettering their bespoke services.

4. Disclosure of Information

The disclosure of personal information that has been provided with consent from the user to help in the following:

4.1 Information which is Unrestricted

Data which is voluntarily supplied by the user within the public area of An example of this includes leaving a message within any comment section of our public area that is accessible to other users and ourselves.

4.2 Service Providers

It is unavoidable for a service, such as ours to not have third party involvement. This comes down to the need for hosting, maintenance, and the development of services in all areas. Because of this third-party involvement, they will have access to user information and data which will be limited to reasonable content that will allow them to perform their duties. Third parties are contracted to uphold and maintain the confidentiality of the information and to secure such data.

4.3 Non Identifiable Information

Data can be auto-collected and this information will be supplied to third parties to assist in the following:

(a) Reporting compliance.

(b) Marketing.

(c) Patterning usage, content, services, and function availability.

4.4 Legal Processes and Compliance

In the instance of disclosing Personal Information, we will do so under the request made by Legal parties. If it is necessary for us to comply with any court orders, warrants, subpoenas, or judicial practices, we will cooperate with all involved law enforcement and partaking government agencies. The act of complying refers to the following:

(a) Protection from fraudulent, abusive, and unlawfulness.

(b) Precautions against liability.

(c) Defence from third party allegation and claims.

(d) Security linked to

(e) Property protection, enforcement of contracts, legal rights, protection of our rights all well as those of our users.

4.5 Change of Ownership

If falls under a change of ownership, either as an acquisition or merger, then all personal data will be accessible by the new ownership and any new third parties. The new owners will still have to legally commit to this or a similar Privacy Policy that protects your rights. Data can be passed electronically or physically to acquirers and acquisitions may pertain from the sale of assets, bankruptcy, or from insolvency.

5. Your Rights

At, we protect your rights, making sure that you are provided access to your data at a reasonable level upon request. This data can be supplied or deleted. Preparation of the request must commence with contacting our members of staff.

Your rights allow you to decline specific personal information that may be collected by us. Restrictions set by the user can affect the level and quality of services we would otherwise provide.

Objections to the collection of data can be logged as a complaint if you believe your rights have been infringed. If so, please refer to and contact the national Data Protection Office to review your case, to which legal matters will follow in due process.

5.1 Analytical Information

You can completely opt-out of having data collected and stored. This is a feature found within the Google Analytics labelled as Opt-Out.

5.2 Suspending Commercial Communication

Users can unsubscribe from any commercial emails sent by Instructions on how to do so are found within all emails. Alternatively, you can contact us to action your request. The deletion of your information may take up to 10-days. We must state that during this time, commercial related emails still may be dispatched, and you still may receive emails after solely regarding our services linked to

6. Third-Party Services is not responsible for any data that you may have directly passed on to third-party services. cannot be held accountable for the actions undertaken by third parties, even if you acquired their service through our public area. We strongly advise users to learn about third-party affiliates and what they do before you disclose any information to them. Though we supply products and features that are linked to websites and other services that are supplied by third parties, by selecting their services, you withdraw any claim against

7. Privacy Shield fully complies with the EU’s GDPR (General Dara Protection Regulation). If a conflict of interest should arise between and any user regarding the GDPR, then it shall be the GDPR that governs over the process of inspection

8. Third Party Cookies

8.1 Cookie Functions Used in

  • Essential Cookies: These tracking tools allow us to store previously visited pages to help you navigate through our public area when you return. This also includes our security access feature, without which, users would not be identified as recognised participating users.
  • Performance: By collecting information about users and how they use our public area, it helps us to understand what areas of our service are more popular. It also helps in fixing faults in areas of the public area where an error message may appear where it is not otherwise commonly seen.
  • Function Cookies: This feature records login details and will store previous service settings you have made. This could include your username, the language setting, and what country/region you are based in. These cookies help to tailor to your specifications and can also remember image and font settings if adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Behavioural targeted Cookies – These cookies help towards bespoke advertisement settings, thusly bringing users more relevant products. This information is often sought after by third-party affiliates.

9. Minors and Children’s Privacy

We are an adult entertainment service and as such, our public area is not aimed at children or teenagers under the age of 18.

We do not make our service appealing to underage minors and we do not collect data or information of children under the age of 18. If in the instance of a legal matter occurring, then by request of the parents or guardian, data can be provided.

Please note:

(a) If you are under the current legal age and reading this, we kindly ask that you cease the use of our public area and leave the site.

(b) If you are a parent or guardian with suspicion to believe our services were misused by a minor or persons under the legal age, then please contact us so we can delete such information that may have auto-collected from the I.P address.

We must state that in using our site, we cannot fully guarantee that all auto-collected data can be fully deleted. Should this be the case, it is something related to the technology, rather than our abilities.

10. Data Security complies with industry standards and we follow all regulations under the act of data protection. We uphold the highest standards of administrative safeguarding of data, along with the physical safeguarding of data submitted to us.

All data and information will not be tampered, altered, destructed, or submitted to any unlawful process whilst in our possession. is built using the latest SSL encryption technology and software that helps to code all supplied data, safeguarding it from the rest of the Internet. Every possible measure in security is taken, however, we can never fully give users a 100% guarantee on security, therefore, all information handed to us through our public area is done so at the user’s own risk.

If any data has been breached, we will contact parties involved by using your data, and it is fully within your rights to contact the right authorities to take up any legal case on this matter. Alternatively, if you believe a breach of your data has happened without or knowledge, we do advise you to contact us as soon as possible.

11. Data Retention

Data is only kept for a period of time, basically, for as long as we need it for the following reasons:

(a) To be satisfied we have met all the targets for its use.

(b) In case of legal matters to resolve disputes and to enforce our own agreements.

12. Settings

All privacy settings are fully adjustable and can be changed upon your request. We, however, cannot be held accountable should there be a breach of data that may lead to changes. We cannot assure 100% guaranteed security, no online service is impenetrable and, thusly, a breach of our site could threaten the security and services.

13. Data Transfer

With the transfer of data between and affiliated third parties, we cannot guarantee the high levels of security with external companies. We transfer data using the best possible security software installed, but again, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that data is completely safe.

14. Data Controller and Data Processor is the registered Data Controller in accordance with GDPR regulations classified under rule 2016/679. This means all user data is to be controlled by This means it is also our responsibility in how personal data is used and for what purpose.

However, is not liable for how third party affiliates act with your personal data and how it is also stored. will in some instances have ties with subcontractors and they may require access to the data which would still be under the control of to which any subcontractor must abide by the rules of data control.

15. Changes and Updates to this Policy

Our Privacy Policy may be subject to alterations and updates so that it complies with any legal changes within the online gambling industry. We advise that you check this privacy policy from time to time to catch up with any updates, so you are fully aware of your rights whilst using our public area.

By reading this policy, you have, in effect, understood all points and agree to all Terms and Conditions which have been stated in this current version.

Last update: September 2020

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