Live Roulette: Play roulette at a live casino from the comfort of your couch!

One of the biggest live casino features is Live Roulette, a game that has been available for many years as a live dealer feature and has grown side by side with the technological advancements! Here in our live roulette review and player’s gaming guide, we discuss all topics that are associated with the live gaming feature!

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Live Roulette Live Roulette

The real atmosphere and excitement of a live casino

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The live casino bubble is a loved gaming hub for players in India that take on the challenge every day in their thousands to win real money from the most real form of gambling there is online. Here, we discuss how virtual RNG roulette plays a part in live gaming knowledge for new players. We share with you the best online live roulette casino options available in India, what bonuses can be claimed to help you play live roulette tables, the variants, exclusive tables and the odds that come with live dealer roulette tables.

Time to take a seat at the most prestigious roulette tables online in India… When casinos went live on the internet back in the mid-90s, everyone said they couldn’t recreate the original feel of a casino and the energy that comes from playing face to face with a dealer on a real table. And they are right, and still right to this day. It’s something that we as players had to accept at that time, love or hate the idea, but it was of that time. The world collectively in every sense has moved forward from normal practice with many things, shopping is different, watching movies is different, the social norms, change, we adapted, we now enjoy, and we move on.

Casinos online were exactly the same, and the services of live dealer roulette when through these changes for over a decade and is now one of the most played casino games online in India and the rest of the world.

Live casino platforms never set out to promise better than the real thing, that's a preposterous idea. The gaming developers set out to create the next best thing. A live streaming platform that would capture all the classic nuances of a real casino, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker, and live roulette.

The service was ground-breaking, despite reservations over how successful it would be because it was still new and still not the ‘real’ thing.

As with many new online concepts, time past and the interest grew, it grew so much that even late-night gambling was being shown on European and US TV that audiences could call-up and play along.

A new online atmosphere grew of itself, socialising went online, gaming went online, communication went online, even dating. The online casino grew and with it the interests and successes of live casino gaming.

The streaming platform boasted bigger technical advances, with multi-camera options and live chat functions to communicate with both the dealer and other players. The online casino produced its own atmosphere with devastating effect because, in time, people slowly stopped going to traditional casinos. The energy transferred away and online casino platforms grew tenfold in India and across the world. Live roulette was now instantly available, and it offered every variant that traditional land-based casinos could not.

The growth of the platform brought new elements to the game of roulette. Playing live now brought with it special promotions and special tables. It was able to become the classic game we recognise, carrying an air of sophistication and importance.

Live roulette brings the casino to your living room

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Through live dealer roulette, players are able to experience a wealth of opportunity and entertainment, with cash wealth as an additional benefit on the side. The dynamics of the gaming platform is ingenious in its simplicity. Two web cameras, a reasonably priced microphone, a splitter, good lights and a real roulette table. With this, you have yourself the tools to form your own online casino service, though you will need to hire and train the dealers. But this is all it took to bring MILLIONS of players online to the edge of their seat and play upon the most realist gaming option online.

The webcams would capture all the live images and the gaming coverage would be shared with digitalised betting panels to lay our bets upon. You can liaise with the croupier (keeping within the rules of decency) when I live online casinos first happened 99% of the dealers were female and you can imagine how this turned, since and more recently, there is a more even balance between male and female hosts and casino players have learned to abide by the rules requested of them by the casinos.

The access of live roulette then exploded around 2015 when mobile gaming came into prominence. Online access to casinos via mobile overtook the desktop and now the spilt is about 70/30 in favour of mobile smartphones as a player’s main device choice. Mobile technology then progressively got better, and HD-quality gaming was available in the palm of your hands quite instantly.

You can now play roulette live, in your home, whilst wearing the same clothes you went to bed in. Now, isn’t this what mankind has always dreamt of when looking into the night sky and asking deep and meaningful questions?

That's rhetorical by the way.

The best Live Roulette games

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One of the standout qualities that live gaming provided, was its dynamic service in providing diverse gaming. Roulette is a game that came with many variants, and these are now available as live table games. Inside of original land-based casinos, you would be lucky to play two different tables and they would be European roulette and American roulette. Add about 10 more into the mix and you instantly see the benefits of playing online over traditional casinos right away.

So, what can you expect to find inside one of the best online live roulette casino platforms? Here is a list of variants available under the category of live dealer roulette:

  • Lightning Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Speed Roulette
  • Auto Roulette
  • Instant Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Salon Privé
  • Mini Live Roulette

…and many more.

What you choose to play is totally down to personal preferences and qualities, as some of these games and others carry a range of gaming nuances. Whether it’s playing fast or playing with ridiculously high stakes or perhaps with additional bonus features. The grace with live roulette is that no matter what table you choose to play at, you have a great choice of games and they are readily available across the best Indian casinos online.

Live Automatic Roulette and Speed Roulette

Now from the list above you’d forgiven to think that surely Speed Roulette and Auto are the same thing and you would be right to a degree. There are many subtle difference within the available variants online, almost seemingly to conform to every possible way of playing roulette and online, the live dealer roulette options should to an extent bow to this way of service because with now a larger market available to the casino, there is a wider demographic of player to satisfy.

Live Speed Roulette

This is a super-fast variant of the table game. This live dealer feature takes approximately 25 seconds to play, from spin to spin. That is about half the time of a ‘normal’ game of live roulette online. What this offers, is fast action-packed gaming that brings more excitement into every session played.

Unlike other variants, bets are placed during the roulette wheels spin, so there is no ‘dead time’. This format of gaming is backed by number recognition technology.

Live Auto Roulette

You will find this variant of roulette available as a VIP table and mainstream gaming option. This game comes without the dealer present, but the game is still live, nevertheless. Powered through advances automated technology, you can play up to 80 games per hour! The game also comes with betting units that are half the currency. The Auto format is available as a European, French, or American Table game.

Exclusive live roulette tables

The option to try something different is made possible through exclusive and VIP live dealer roulette options. Inside some, but not all the best online live roulette casino sites, you will discover casinos have taken on the offering of exclusive tables, run and controlled by them, so only those within the casino can win the prizes. This allows for casinos to offer up some special services and promotions that do not need the involvement of a third-party software developer.

Some casino examples include Mr Green and LeoVegas that have stepped in to provide a more personalized service. With other developers, you will find the same games inside a hundred casinos, generic at worst but award-winning at best.

You will, however, find that through the more generic live-streaming developers, you can access VIP tables more freely.

VIP variants offer players special betting limits that are specifically set so the game is more appealing to high rollers. Added to this is a great measure of VIP service. There is also the addition that VIP services can cover a number of other variant tables like VIP European Roulette, VIP Auto Roulette and VIP French Roulette.

The service of VIP gaming allows players to stray into the world of Salon Privé gaming or Private gaming for those less familiar with the term.

Salon Privé is a top-end, super-elegant VIP experience and gaming environment. This is table action for high-wagering players that want private one-to-one tables. This level of gaming brings with it a VIP room manager and the ability to control the dealer and game speed with more instructive buttons like ‘Spin Now’ and ‘Deal Now’ (for other games).

Live roulette - how to play it?

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So, if you are new to live dealer roulette, the obvious question is how is it played online? First, the rules of roulette remain the same, this is one of the things that transcends from traditional casino gaming to online gaming.

To begin…

1: You will need a device that is able to connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi.

2: The game is live, you need to be prepared and away from distractions.

3: When you load a live dealer game of roulette, you will have a control panel that allows you to place bets on, control the camera angle and communicate with the live dealer.

4: Depending on the variant, you may be in the presence of other players.

5: The game begins with the host welcoming you to the table and when ready will inform players to place their bets.

6: From the selection of chips, you can begin to tap the value you want to wager and tap on the roulette table, where those chips are to be placed. As with normal roulette rules and without going over the swathes of betting options, you can make different multiple bets if you wish. You can learn more about the rules of roulette and betting from our Roulette Guide.

7: Once bets are placed and confirmed by pressing the Spin button, the live dealer will perform the action of spinning the real roulette wheel to produce the bet outcome.

That’s it… it is so simple and hugely effective.

All dealers are professionally trained and are human so you can have fun and be in a relaxed environment, but rules on language and common decency must be adhered to.

Live Roulette Odds

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The odds of roulette do not change just because the platform does. With the same numbers on the wheel the chances of winning both online and offline, are the same. There are of course two different types of roulette that can be played because of the numerical factor, American roulette is one, and all other variants of roulette, the other.

American Roulette Odds:

  • Even and Odds / Red and Black / High and Low = 1 to 1
  • Column 1-12 / 13-24 / 25-36 = 2 to 1
  • Single = 35 to 1
  • Split = 17 to 1
  • Street = 11 to 1
  • Quarters = 8 to 1
  • Six-Line = 5 to 1
  • Top-Line = 6 to 1

Other Variant Roulette Odds:

  • Even / Odds / Red / Black / High & Low Bets = 1 to 1
  • Column 1-12 / 13-24 / 25-36 = 2 to 1
  • Single = 35 to 1
  • Split = 17 to 1
  • Street = 11 to 1
  • Quarters = 8 to 1
  • Six-Line = 5 to 1

Playing High Roller Roulette at Live Casino

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Do you consider yourself to be a high roller player? Well, if you are unsure, but when it comes to gaming money is no object, then it’s safe to classify yourself a high roller, be it a modest one.

High roller gaming is a niche, there are, of course, players online that use casinos and spend hundreds of thousands that they can afford, but the option are limited because a casino can only afford to pay out so much and when the returns are high, they have to do this in increments.

Live dealer tables are one of the few ways to play high stake bets. It’s a platform suited for them because of the lesser restrictions. This style of gaming reflects the more familiar traits of a land-based casino.

Also suited for the high roller player looking to experience high stakes roulette, comes specialist high roller casino bonuses. These exclusives are purposely made for high rollers that wish to add additional credit that far surpass ‘normal’ offers. You will mostly find these are provided as welcome bonuses amongst the top 10 Indian casinos online. 888 Casino and Rizk Casino are two examples of operators that are able to provide special High Roller bonuses for live games of roulette.

Top 5 Live Roulette Casinos with Best Bonuses
CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Doggo casino Doggo Casino
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Cric 10 Cric €50Free Play
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Betway Casino Betway Casino €1000
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Caxino casino Caxino Casino €200+ 100 Free Spins
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LeoVegas Leo​Vegas €400
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Bonuses and promotions for High Rollers

When regarded as a high roller player, you are considered by the casino to be a valuable client. High rollers of online casinos are the equivalent of striking gold and if one registered to a site, they will be treated as royalty.

As such, to lure them in, there are special exclusive live casino welcome bonus rewards offered specifically to entice those that come playing with pockets deeper than the River Ganges.

If you are a high roller don’t let the idea of a seductive advertisement put you off, the bonus is there to get you to join, but it is a bonus to be used, nevertheless.

As a high roller looking for ideal promotions from Indian casinos, you are advised to assess the VIP programs to really stake your interest when it comes to rewards.

As a Very Important Player, you will be lavished with 24/7 customer services. You will reap the benefits of unlimited deposits and withdrawals. When it comes to rewards, VIPs get tailored bonuses, VIP invitations to special events and major sporting matches. There is an awful lot more, but these are to be left to the imagination till upon such time you discover them yourself.

Social gaming

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Live roulette is a highly interactive experience that invites you to join other members of your casino and others. Your host retains their professionalism to entertain those taking part and to provide a smooth and efficient service just as you would expect of any casino both online and in the traditional sense.

When it comes to live roulette chat, players on a multiplayer table have a chat window to share comments in. Engagement is entirely optional, and the chat is overseen by the game’s manager from the studio where the broadcast takes place.

The chat function as to the social aspect of online gaming, it’s by no means a ground-breaking feature and it will adapt, just like you have with console gaming where players can freely speak to one another whilst playing. If you are able, you can arrange games with your friends on these live tables. Just pick a time and a table and see who makes the better profit when playing live roulette.

Who sets up the live casino studios?

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The live studios where the games are broadcasted from are managed and controlled by the software developers that provide the gaming platform to online casino operators. It is not the casino who is the software developer, two different powers at work here. However, in rare cases and with more successful casinos, they will incorporate their own unique in-house live roulette games to add a bit of diversity to the gaming options.

There are two prominent names within the Indian casino circuit that you will no doubt come across during your gaming time online. They are NetEnt Live and Evolution Gaming. The live streaming market is open to many and any developer that chooses but so far few have stepped forward to provide market competition against these two and for good reasons. When the product is as good as it can be, what hope does any other software company have?

NetEnt live roulette

NetEnt is a Swedish gaming company that made its name in online slot machines. Their success over the two-plus decades in which they have been part of the gambling industry is famous. There is no bigger gaming developer when it comes to slot machines than NetEnt. So, when you’ve made over 500 slots and won every award going, the natural progression would be to venture into a different market. Cue the live casino market.

NetEnt Live Roulette was launched in 2013, their first foray into the world of real-time gameplay development. Their service provides High-Definition video transfer and Chroma-key background, with added multiple camera angles and a player-focused UI that covers all the gaming statistics that include hot and cold numbers and the last winning numbers.

The live gaming service from NetEnt Live provides over 25 different language speaking hosts and can provide a VIP experience across these tables. You get genuine premium quality amongst the streaming and audio.

Here’s what NetEnt Live provide through their streaming service:

✅ HD (high-definition) images

✅ Clear sound

✅ Mobile support

✅ Professional croupiers

✅ A chatroom

✅ Easy to use interface

✅ Live Casino Promotions

✅ Game History with a live list of hot and cold numbers

NetEnt Live won the award for Top Live Casino Supplier in the SEG awards in 2019.

In 2020, they completed their Auto-Roulette studio that provides Classic Auto-Roulette, Rapid Auto-Roulette and VIP Auto-Roulette.

Evolution Gaming live roulette

When it comes to live streaming, Evolution Gaming wrote the book on the subject, built it and started supplying half the world’s online casinos with it. They are the gods of this gaming format and the largest provider in the business.

Their first live casino feature dropped in 2006 and since then have scooped 11 consecutive awards for Live Casino Supplier at the EGR Awards. The company defines world-leading and without them at the helm, it most certainly would not be the online service we see today, in fact, this may have helped online casinos to survive after the glut of slot machines that dominated the market.

The scale of work that Evolution Gaming does is incomprehensible and for roulette alone, there have been so many innovations to improve standards in gaming and entertainment that it goes beyond obsessive in their demand for perfection.

Every conceivable variant has been produced by them including Double Ball Roulette, Instant Roulette, French and American Roulette, European Roulette, and a feature called Dual Play Roulette.

Dual play is a mix of Land-based and online gaming, which is as exciting as it sounds. You can access real land-based casino games inside some of the most prestigious casinos in the world and play through advanced camera installations. But the experience is best played rather than read.

Here are the qualities to expect from Evolution Gaming services:

✅ HD (high-definition) image

✅ Professional croupiers

✅ Clear sound

✅ Mobile support

✅ A chatroom

✅ Gaming information and history

✅ Ability to deposit up to 15 of your favourite bets

✅ Hot and cold numbers

✅ Select different camera angles including 3D or Classic

✅ Play four simultaneous games of live roulette within the same browser window

The difference between NetEnt and Evolution Gaming live roulette

When you have two prominent figures providing a similar service the obvious question that arises is what are the differences? The finer detail tells all, though roulette is roulette at the end of the day, each developer will still strive to provide something that is both aesthetically pleasing and rewarding as a gaming feature.

Both suppliers will give you complete gaming coverage but there will be slight alterations in the gaming statistics provided and how the games are shot through the differing camera angles. With some Evolution games, their stats provide data on the last 50 to 500 rounds. This is something not even available from NetEnt Live. With regards to the camera angles, Evolution Gaming allows you to alternate and change how you view the game of live roulette

When it comes to production, Evolution Gaming are far in advance of NetEnt Live, even with the more common variants like American roulette live are not supplied by NetEnt.

Through Evolutions advances software, you are able to play multiple games with a maximum of up to four different tables that are able to be played and streamed simultaneously. This is another advancement NetEnt is unable to achieve.

When it comes to the option of spinning the live roulette wheel online, there is no question that Evolution Gaming is more advanced and experienced. Both do, however, provide HD video streaming, with excellent sound and professional and friendly services from their host and dealer.

But take note, even for both developers, whilst technology advances, there are new opportunities. In the not too distant future, there will be a platform for Virtual Reality gaming, where you will have access to VR roulette that plays with an avatar. Once a concept for science fiction movies, this is becoming a reality as VR slots are available, just not yet fully released to the mass public, but it will happen in due course.

Recommended settings for smooth gameplay

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As with any form of entertainment online, the experience is going to be enhanced by having a fast internet connection. This will allow you to receive a higher quality of real-time video to be streamed and received through to your device.

As with any video streaming online, you will have picture quality control that allows you to set the stream to the level of your internet connection. If the internet is too slow, you can lower the pixel quality of the stream. The higher your internet is, the better the pixel quality can be to suit.

Through faster broadband, you can play with vertical and horizontal viewing and you can zoom in on certain parts of the screen.

With the game settings, you are able to control elements of the service such as the chat messaging which can be made visible to other players or can be made private between you and the live dealer.

Of course, the most highly recommended setting is relaxation and comfort and you transport yourself into a world of real online gaming. Get comfortable and immerse yourself in what is the most real experience the internet can provide.

If you are new to all this and roulette as a game, do not despair as you are able to practice before you play. Now, there is no free live gaming available, there is no server for it and it’s not to the benefit of the casino to supply such a thing. Therefore, you must learn roulette through RNG machines, the virtual games that available here on our site and throughout the top Indian casinos online. RNG machines provide the same variants as you will find online in the live casino menu. By all means, use our authentic RNG machines to practice roulette on. These games are 100% free and will give you the very best gaming tool to develop understanding and develop skills on before you decide to bet with real money.


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We come to the end of our guide, we can now summarise again the important factors of roulette that you may have forgotten about which wading slowly through this guide. We’ve supplied a list of the best online live roulette casino platforms for you to join. They provide award-winning services to players in India and we highly recommend them as a complete roulette platform that offers both live roulette and RNG games, plus, they also provide live casino bonuses that are eligible to use on live roulette games.

Roulette is a classic, one of the most iconic games ever made for the casino and traditional in every sense. The game is unique in every format and variant. As a game, it provides entertainment and opportunity and access is retrievable from any device including Tablet MacBook, and Mobile Smartphone.

Our top 5 reasons for experiencing live roulette online. Those absolutely must and justified reasons that will enhance your online gaming knowledge and understanding of the roulette game.

✅ Through live roulette, you will experience unprogrammed gaming where every win and loss is determined by fate and luck and not by human programming through an RNG algorithm.

✅ Live roulette and live casino entertainment took gaming into a new frontier and it is only the beginning as we prepare to bring in a new wave of technology that will allow for VR roulette games.

✅ Access award-winning live roulette and all roulette variants 24/7 and directly from your mobile. No additional downloading is required, you can opt to use your web browser to view the stream or use the casino’s mobile app.

✅ Pick up an exclusive welcome bonus that can be used to play live roulette with more cash credit. Boost your rupees to bet with by collecting high roller bonuses and look out for specialist roulette promos (888 Casino) and take advantage of the game and offer for the ultimate combo.

✅ Win real money whilst playing real live games. Be part of the new online atmosphere and chat with the dealer and other members to experience the online community that loves playing live roulette.

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