The Best Real Money Online Casinos in India 2020

Namaste – and welcome to your new online casino guide: Casinos-India.IN. We present the most comprehensive online casino guide in India, providing you with independent and professional advice surrounding operators and their games.

The result of this, we hope, is you being successful in the best online casino in India.

Are you looking to play online money games for the first time? If so, our easy to follow and use player’s guide will inform, educate and reveal the truths surrounding your available options.

Are you just looking for a good time at the best recommended sites? Then our guide, reviews, and recommendations will supply you with award-winning standards in the field of internet casino entertainment.

Our mission is to provide fellow Indian players with legally-approved sites that are 100% safe to join and offering entertainment that is certified as fair to help players win real rupees and profit from the best gaming features found on the world wide web.

Each of the websites we recommend:

✅ are 100% Legally approved for Indian players

✅ deposit and withdraw in Indian rupees

✅ have Award-Winning games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar

✅ have Customer Support 24-hours a day

✅ have Verified and Certified gaming security and fairness

This month’s best online casinos are listed below, and we recommend you read their reviews for an independent analysis of their qualities that will benefit you as a potential member.

The Best Casinos for Indian Players - September / 2020
CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Pure Casino
Play Now
Genesis CasinoR15000300 Free Spins
Play Now
10 Cric₹70000+ ₹5000 Free Bet
Play Now
Betway Casino₹60000
Play Now
Caxino Casino$200+ 100 free spins
Play Now
LeoVegas Casino€400+ 100 Extra Spins
Play Now
22bet Casino₹25000
Play Now
Royal Panda Casino
Play Now
Twin₹22900+ 200 Free Spins
Play Now
KTO Casino$1700
Play Now

Find the best Casino in India

Which is the best online casino in India for you to join? This is the big question, is there a perfect answer?

In the modern age, convenience is everything, we all can choose a bespoke lifestyle now that all our worldly needs are obtainable through the Internet and this is true of making wagers. We can instantly access a casino online whenever we want.

In order for you to be successful, we provide the best potential online casino India has access to. If you want to win real money rupees by playing online Roulette, then we make sure that you are supplied the best know-how about mastering it, whilst being offered the best array of online Roulette games and Live dealer roulette tables.

We want you to go from beginner to pro in the right time with the right opportunities. Plus, make a profit from your online casino in Indian rupees.

Gambling in India

Currently, the online casino market in India is servicing thousands of Indian players because the alternative of traveling to Goa or Sikkim to play in their land-based casinos is just not feasible to most people.

Thanks to the worldwide web and mobile technology, more and more real money gambling sites in India are offering the alternative, which, in turn, is providing you with more gaming choice, bigger cash jackpots, and a more expansive gaming experience with Live dealer tables and Sports Betting platforms. There is only one problem. With so many fantastic websites to choose from, where does one start?

Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Everything you will need to know is right here.

What to expect from our recommended casinos

Just like any industry, there are good and bad services; not all sites on the Internet are to the standards we would expect as consumers, while others are able to go beyond our expectations. What our service does as a comparison site is to form a path that guides you past those that are not adequate enough to meet our standards and criteria and reveal to you reputable sites offering online gambling in India that tick basically all the boxes of an award-winning platform.

As a collective, Casinos-India.IN is made up of a team of former players and gambling industry workers. We believe that we have both the right expertise and the essential experience to provide you with accurate and unbiased advice and critique of all that comes with an online casino.

Our criteria is as follows:

  • Supply players with legitimate services that are licensed and regulated.
  • Make sure the recommended sites are able to accept and payout winnings in Indian rupees.
  • That customer services allows of direct contact for help and support 24-hours a day.
  • Players must have diverse gaming opportunities, allowing them to experience the full gambling package.
  • Security must come from the best software on the market to help you play with peace of mind.

This is as simple as it gets, five key measures to ensure that what is provided to you throughout our website, leads to the most successful and profitable experience you could possibly hope to have and find on the internet from India.

Once a site meets these criteria they will be assessed for our Top 10 as a premium option for you to join.

Developing your own awareness of quality

We recognise that there is a lot to take in especially for a first-time player. We understand the emotions that come with making the decision to gamble, it can be daunting, and many players will hesitate with the wonder of whether it is the right thing to do. These emotions of fear, combined with excitement, are totally normal. But what is best for all of these feelings is perspective and this comes through knowledge and understanding. Whilst you learn about the websites you can choose from through us, you’ll be best prepared.

For a new player, they cannot expect to know the finer details as soon as they start looking. We have built our knowledge collectively over 20-years. We know what it takes for an operator to make the best online casino in India. The most vital asset we have is the experience we gained and, when instilling this into our work, it still takes and hours, over many days, weeks and months to abide by our criteria as a service.

We register with every possible site on the market, and we test these sites with real money bets to be able to make a valid review of the entire experience. Our tests look at the main four components that create a reputable and trustworthy service:

1: Legal Casinos

Is the site legit?

The awareness of licensing is of huge benefit to you as a player. This is one of the most important aspects of identifying a safe and genuine website. For online casinos to become a legal service, they must all first be licensed by a recognised governing body. In this industry, there are currently only seven licensing bodies that service the world. As an Indian player, the names you will need to become familiar with are the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

Why are none of these licensors from India? Because of how Indian gambling laws work, businesses within India cannot form their own remote online casino. The law does, however, permit the use of overseas operators. So, not only will the license be from a governing body abroad, but the casino operator will also be registered outside of Indian borders.

All sites must display their licensing details and confirmation of their license number. If you do not see this, then it is possible that the operator has something to hide. Trusted online gambling sites have nothing to hide! Absolutely never risk your money at an unlicensed website!

2: Security

How are the money transactions on the site secured?

When an operator is licensed, it becomes an operation that falls under strict industry regulations. Online money wagering can be an incredibly risky area, so operators are obliged to comply with required standards by putting the player’s wellbeing and safety first. For this, operators are expected to provide their members with high-end security from the latest software programs on the market. The most common of these is the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology that codes all data and secures it behind an encryption firewall. It’s the best there is and is used by banks and military administrators.

Awareness of this will enable you to look for these details on a site and recognise if you are within a platform that can competently look after your personal information.

3: Banking

You’re looking to wager your funds to earn money, but how will you handle those transactions?

It’s not something you would immediately think of as being a necessity when looking for the highest qualities of a casino. Banking is seen as something separate, and yet, a service that is all too familiar that it almost does its own thing.

The reason for highlighting this issue is because not all services and not all operators work the same way. If you are a holder of MasterCard, the name alone would make any user think that this method of payment is accepted everywhere. Now it is the case that the majority of operators do accept this form of payment, but not all of them are able to provide it for both depositing and withdrawals.

Before you register with any of the casino sites in India, you will need to be fully aware of what it is offering as a banking service. Your banking details are added after you have completed the registration process and confirmed your account, so if you leave this step until after registering, it will be too late to notice that your preferred banking method is not available!

When you look into the details of particular site, you will learn which services offer the fastest process of payment for that site; you can tailor your options to suit your needs and, if need be, open up a whole new banking facility to look after your wagering funds going forward. This may introduce you to methods like GPay and Paytm. Once your banking platform is sorted, you’re ready to try your luck!

4: Software

No casino makes its own product. Each is a digital shop offering the products of gaming developers.

Apologies for popping the bubble of mystery. Software and knowledge of the variety is very important. You may not have heard of the companies that help to power the entire industry with their game products, but to make the perspective of their importance real simple, without them, there wouldn’t be anything exciting or fun to wager on the web.

The most well-known of these developers are Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Overall, they are a handful of some 100 developers working for the industry. Innovators and millionaire makers, they have changed the perception of traditional casino games.

Awareness of developers and their products will allow you to better assess the inner qualities of an operator’s website. You can easily critique a site with this knowledge because some developers make better products better than others. In addition, you must become aware of gaming volatility and the use of algorithms, essentially in how they perform and determine how you win and lose. Casino entertainment can have remarkable highs, and knowing how online money games work goes a long way to avoiding the lows that will happen.

In summary:

All our reviews are both proactive and reactionary. We seek out casino sites in India as they emerge to give you the broadest range possible of legal sites. Our reviews come from feedback that comes from using the sites and industry news to help update and inform our readers of changes or concerns.

Not only have we set out to find you the best sites that offer the chance to win real money online as a punter in India, but you also, benefit from the very special exclusive bonuses we are able to arrange between our website and the best sites to be found for desi players.

Your safety

When it comes to using our money on the web, we know there is nothing more important than safety and security and we should expect it from online casinos in India, as a standard.

This aspect of service was a huge factor in making this comparison site for you. If we can spare fellow Indian players from falling for illegal sites, then the efforts that go into making this will have all been worth it for that alone.

Knowledge is key, and by taking the time you have to read this guide, you are already a step ahead of the players that are all too keen on winning, rather than being keen on learning the facts on how to win safely.

Be wary of unfair casinos and scam sites

A factor behind the hesitation that many Indian players feel about seeking out casinos on the internet is due to the lack of clear knowledge regarding the online gambling laws in India.

The lack of clarity leads to misinformation: once you have this, a gateway is open to the inevitable risks such as internet scams. It is through such unsafe measures that players fall for illegal gambling sites that, in turn, have lasting consequences for them.

This is where experience counts: we have seen many scam sites over the past 20-years, we have learned to recognise them and developed our own awareness as they have evolved to become more astute in hiding their flaws.

This is not just an online casino issue; every industry is hampered by disingenuous sites looking to fool unaware consumers. It is just another factor that leads to uncertainty when making the decision and taking the approach to try out wagering on the internet.

There are two primary security and safety issues that surround online casinos, not just here in India, but all around the world.

    1: The security of making real cash deposits and withdrawals.

    2: The fairness of the games.

Having the awareness of these two factors is enough to avoid the common mistakes that many players still fall for today.

Forget the flashy banners of ‘500 Free Spins’ and ‘₹25,000 extra in cash’. The quality of a casino is in the fabric, not the finish. You will learn to recognise a top quality website and avoid the bad ones with our help.

The awareness of real cash security

Much of your banking security is handled by the financial operator and only in part by the casino operator. Different types of service provide different security measures and affects how data and information is passed between the account holder and merchant.

All traditional forms of payment and alternative providers that have developed e-wallets are regulated financial companies. Cash security can be heightened by using third party services such as PayPal and Neteller. To help keep payments near anonymous, the companies will remove your information whilst paying your funds on your behalf.

The awareness of fair development

The games available for you to use in online casinos outside the realms of live dealer tables and sports betting are built with determining algorithms. These are Return to Player (RTP) and Random Number Generators (RNG). These work to decide how and when wins are spun or drawn, depending on the type of game you choose. If the development is unfair, then a player will have less chance of making a profit. The RTP is based on a score percentage, the higher the better. With an RTP slot scoring 98%, this means of all the money you put into the game, you are likely to win 98% of it back if you keep at it for long enough. As for the RNG products, this algorithm produces random outcomes. If the sequencing of the numbers is too high, then your chances diminish, like flipping a coin with 3 million sides. Thus, the lower the RNG the better.

The authenticity of gaming fairness is checked by independent gaming bodies like eCOGRA. This is a UK-based testing lab that verifies the RTP and RNG of software developments.

The likelihood of players knowing about this is very low, this again is another reason why we want to pass on as much factual knowledge as possible to help you whilst you seek to make winnings. The more you know about how real money games work, the bigger the advantage you gain will help when you join an the right website with the intention to win.

Gambling Responsibly

Always approach an opportunity to win money with self-awareness of your self-control.

Gambling responsibility is the onus of both player and operator. This is, for many, still a tentative subject, so let us say what everyone is thinking… gambling can be addictive, and players that feel or are aware of the fact they cannot sustain self-control should not be participating in this activity.

The sites that we put forward for recommendation on our Top 10 lists are directly involved in the promotion of responsible gambling. These operators offer an open and self-manageable service that allows their members to set limitations on the amounts they are permitted to deposit, adjust the amount of time and periods which they are able to access and make wagers, or to even self-exclude themselves from the casino completely if they feel that they themselves are mentally unable to resist the temptations of their addiction.

Members are given control over the restrictions of their account and these decisions can then be applied or modified with the aid of the operator’s well-trained customer service team.

Handle this form of entertainment with the right mindset as well as having the right support and you will not succumb to heavy losses.

How do I get started at an online casino?

Once you have read a few of the reviews on this website and found the site that fits your needs and accepts rupee deposits from India, going to it and getting started is very easy. Here are the simple steps to take that will lead you to slots heaven:

    ✅ Select the best online casino for you from our top 10 list.

    ✅ Click on the green button to head there and create your account.

    ✅ Complete your sign up with identification documents so you pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

    ✅ Await your confirmation email and click the link provided to activate your new account.

    ✅ Select your banking and deposit money to begin playing to win more real money.

How do I choose a great online casino?

When it comes to making a choice on where to wager your funds, there are a number of things to consider, bearing in mind that you are perfectly able to join as many online casinos as you like.

What games are on offer?

Your decision making should be about based upon the level of quality and the amount of choice. Granted, size is not everything when it comes to a casino, but as a player, you still want gaming diversity.

The best casino for you will be the one that provides the best-rounded experience and the games that provide a good balance of entertainment and big win potential.

If, for example, you like poker, then the option of just 20 different variants of poker shouldn’t be enough. Poker is a game that comes in an extremely large number of variants, with different theme, from different manufacturers and across different formats. Playing poker on the net should be about having access to both Live Poker and virtual poker machines. You should have a selection of poker styles like Texas Hold ‘Em and Caribbean Stud, along with the option of Video Poker like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Your experiences could even go as far as wanting to participate in specialist Live Poker tournaments.

This goes for all online casino games. Seek out what you enjoy and the more variety you have, the better.

This can also be said of the game developers. By having mixed developers, you will give yourself a chance to experience different forms of gameplay and performance. Having ten different software developers instead of just the one developer has clear benefits for a player.

What options are there to deposit and withdraw your rupees?

Are you better off sticking with your current banking provider? Is there a faster way of getting paid from a withdrawal? Always assess the options before you because they bank service you currently use, may not be available or may not provide both the option to deposit and withdraw.

As such, a casino should provide a number of services that allows you to select either traditional forms of payment like Bank Transfers or Credit Card, or select new e-Wallet services like Skrill or Neteller. Again, having the choice and variety of this will only be to your benefit.

Is there a Welcome Bonus is available?

Though not entirely essential to the decision making, some players do, however, consider the Welcome Bonus as a key component with regards to where they will end up playing. What is the welcome bonus? This is a promotional reward gifted to new members only. The rewards vary from operator to operator, some offering money and others adding free spins to the free cash credit.

These are entirely optional promotions that every site has and, more often than not, require players to deposit money first before they can claim the bonus.

When it comes to cash bonuses, some of the biggest ones can climb as high as ₹30,000 and the free spins that can come with this go into the hundreds. Consider how you may be able to benefit using such rewards and lastly, make your final decision based on the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) that come with them. It’s extremely important to read the details to learn of the eligible games, the wagering requirements, the depositing amounts and when it expires.

Note: That at this stage, we should perhaps apologize, as our role as a comparison site is to make the task of selection easier, however, given the amount of quality there is available, we recognize you may debate your choices for some time. Rest assured, you cannot make a bad choice with any of the Top 10 top ten sites recommended on this page.

The 10 best online casinos 2020 for players from India

You are now within touching distance of a website that will give your great joy in your life. Here is a list of the 10 best casinos online in India. Which is the best one for you?

1 - Bet365
: The World’s Number One Sports Betting Site
2 - Dafabet
: Multi-Platform operator including rare lotteries
3 - Betway
: Award-Winning Standards Throughout
4 - 10cric
: The Ultimate Cricket Betting Site
5 - Genesis
: India’s Biggest Welcome Bonus is Ready to Claim
6 - 888 Casino
: EGR Operator of the Year Award Winner 2019
7 - LeoVegas
: Win the Largest Rupee Jackpots in the World
8 - Royal Panda
: Offering everyone the chance to win real rupees from the most popular suppliers
9 - Rizk
: Best All-Round Casino Experience in India
10 - Spin Casino
: The Highest Payout Rates of the Top 10 at 97.8%

Are all casino sites the same?

The answer is no, and this is a good thing because competition is healthy and as a player, you want a business to be at their best when trying to entice you to join them.

The variations come in the site’s style and theme, what games they supply and who they are backed by in terms of software development. You will find alterations within their banking service and the promotional offers.

Size and scale are also a factor showing how operators are different. Some limit themselves to offering purely traditional gaming that is normally associated with an online casino. Then you have operators that provide additional gaming platforms like sports betting, specialist bingo rooms and live multiplayer poker tournaments.

Should you be specifically after a site that offers say, Live Teen Patti or Progressive Jackpot Slots, then our comparison site will help to give you a ‘best of’ list for each category you’re looking for so you can make a choice on the casino that suits you best.

How do you find the best casino bonus?

There is always a promotional offer dangling like bait to catch the attention of would-be players to boost a casino’s numbers. The most well-known promotion is the Welcome Bonus and we are not blind to the fact that such rewards are a marketing strategy for the operator to bring new customers into the site.

But bonuses work both ways and whilst the casino is admittedly trying to increase its membership, players themselves do want to be rewarded for their efforts and commitments to the site.

Rewards and promotions give players a chance to play with more money than they deposited themselves to use on any game or live table within the same site (relative to the Terms & Conditions – the T&Cs) and there are free spins that are usable across virtual games.

The promotional offer is something land-based casinos never really got a grasp of. With online casinos, there are daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal promotions, all for the purpose of retaining the customer, and then as a simple kind gesture to say thanks for still being a loyal member and continuing to use their services.

Benefits of a casino bonus:

✅ Increase potential earnings

✅ Decrease spending costs

✅ Win real money without risks

Further information about the use of bonuses can be read on our Player’s Guide to Casino Bonuses.

What is a wagering requirement?

Sign up and get ₹22,500 to play your favourite online casino games. Does this seem too good to be true? 100%.

The idea of being given free cash when you register at a site sounds good but it comes with a small catch. The wagering requirement is the term given to the number of times you need to wager your bonus money before you are permitted to withdraw it to your personal bank account or e-wallet.

Wagering, also known as playthrough, is the act of betting your money during a game. The wagering requirement is found throughout all casino bonuses and defines the amount of money you must deposit and playthrough the site before the claimed bonus and any winnings made through it can be withdrawn and cashed out.

The amount is relative to the terms and the cash bonus returned to you from the offer.

The wagering requirement can vary. Some wagering terms can be as little as 10 times the value of the bonus and can be as high as 70 times.

This example shows how the process works:

The bonus is advertised as 100% up to ₹200 and the wagering requirement is 35x that of the bonus you receive.

If you deposit ₹100, you will receive ₹100, this is your bonus. Multiply this by the wagering requirement of 35 and you get the total amount you need to wager before withdrawing any bonus winnings.

₹100 x 35 = ₹3,500

This means that you are obliged to spend ₹3,500 before you can redeem the ₹100 as well as any winnings made from it and any additional bonus you claimed.

Is this unfair? Not really, if an operator was throwing hundreds of thousands away for nothing, it would quickly be a failing business. This is something that should not be lost on players: the intention of any business is to make a profit. When it comes to these operators, the regulators are on the side-lines watching to make sure it is done fairly, obviously. The smaller the wagering terms the easier it would be to withdraw your profits.

Game contribution

When it comes to fulfilling the wagering requirements, not every game on a site is equal. As a matter of fact, it is designed that each different type contributes towards the wagering in different amounts. The gaming contribution is how much each different game contributes towards the wagering cost of the bonus requirement terms.

For example, most wagering requirements deem internet slots to have a 100% contribution value. The gaming percentages vary from offer to offer and operator to operator. Where roulette may help at 10% of the cost of one bonus, another may be 0% and not eligible to use when looking to clear the bonus costs.

So how does a gaming contribution factor look?

If the slot machine boasts a 100% value towards the wagering requirement, that means making a single ₹100 bet will equal ₹100 towards the wagering requirement total.

When you have table games like Blackjack or Andar Bahar with lower contribution percentages, you get the idea how much you’d need to be spending when bets on choices like these could only contribute a factor of 10% towards the overall wagering requirement per bet.

Do casino bonuses have an Expiration date?

Yes. Most bonuses at Indian online casino sites have a period of validity, during which you need to use the bonus and fulfil the wagering requirements. If the period of validity elapses the bonus expires and all your bonus money will be forfeited and removed from your account. So be careful!

Many of these bonuses have longstanding use-by dates that can stretch up to six months. However, with specialist bonuses such as seasonal promotions or exclusives offers, the timing of their validation may be cut down to a few days.

The best thing you can do is to find a site that offers bonuses with the longest possible validity period. As a rule of thumb, anything over 30 days is good. This will give you more time to spend in playthrough and complete the wagering requirement.

For more clarity to the expiration date of any bonus you come across, please read the T&Cs prior to use.

The different types of casino bonuses

Bonuses can come in many different forms. These are the most common in brief:

Welcome Bonus: Aka, The registration bonus. These are reserved for new members only, and are exclusive offers that help to give first-time players a boost of cash and/or free spins when making their first deposit.

Deposit Bonus: This is the most common of all bonuses available. Designed to boost your playing power with extra funds after making a deposited payment into the casino account. The value of your return is scored by a percentage, more commonly 100%.

No-Deposit Bonus: Enjoy a rare opportunity to play for free without needing to spend any of your finances for the pleasure of claiming it. No costs, and still you get to keep any winnings made.

Free Spins Bonus: The reward for free spins can be used on slot machines, virtual table and card games and scratch cards. Some bonuses in this category require certain games to be used and the number of spins can range from 5 to 500.

Cashback bonus: The option of claiming a cashback bonus works if you have made a loss having deposited lots of money via the initial bonus offer. The percentage returned tends to waver between 50% and 70%.

Loyalty Bonus: A loyalty Bonus at some sites is dispensed as a thank you for the player’s continued membership, whereas others form as part of a VIP rewards program. The VIP scheme offers points for money wagered and these points can then be redeemed as bonuses.

What is a welcome bonus?

A Welcome Bonus is an exclusive offer reserved for an operator’s newly registered members. This bonus can be formed of free rupees or bonus spins, and often a combination of both. This Welcome Bonus often requires the player to make a deposit into their new account to activate the return of the bonus advertised.

In some cases, an operator will be willing to double the amount of money you choose to open your account with – to a limit. These 100% deposit bonuses are very common amongst the majority of our recommended websites, and some values can reach much higher limits with awarded amounts as high as ₹50,000 have been seen as an overall redeemable figure.

An example of how a Welcome Bonus may look:

  • A good looking website is offering you a 100% matched deposit bonus up to ₹50,000.
  • The offer now becomes worth 100% of the money you choose to deposit and will double that value up to a maximum of ₹50,000.
  • If you deposit ₹1,000, you will receive and an extra ₹1,000 in bonus money.
  • If you deposit ₹50,000, you’ll receive an extra ₹50,000 in bonus money
  • If you deposit beyond the maximum value of the bonus, you will only receive the maximum in return.

There is no rule stopping you from claiming nothing but welcome bonuses across all the top casino sites in India. In fact, this is a savvy move for the gambler that is keen to have financial help with the operator’s own money to help them win!

Note: As with all bonuses, You will have to meet the specific T&Cs of the registration bonus, especially with regards to the wagering requirement which we have previously discussed.

What is a No-deposit bonus?

The one bonus that gives you a 100% free betting experience is also one of the rarest to find. If you see it, grab it!

The love of this bonus comes from its allowance to be used without having to pay a single rupee to claim or activate it. This no payment reward means you can wager without any risk involved and the wins you accumulate are yours to keep.

The bonus will reward you with minimal cash or free spins. The prize money is in some cases are capped. So, check the terms and you might find winnings and withdrawals are capped at, for example, ₹500.

Even though they may be small, they are always welcome since they are gifted to you without any obligation to part with any of your own cash.

However, the catch is that you may very likely have to make a deposit and meet certain requirements in order to be able to withdraw the free money as well as any winnings that grew from it.

What are free spins?

Free Spins are a fantastic bonus offer, mainly because they can be used across a larger variety of games than it may appear. In fact, free spins are not just for online slot machines: if you check out the T&Cs, you will notice what games are eligible and they often include Video Poker and Scratch Cards.

Free Spins can come in a variety of promotional packages. They can be claimed from deposit bonuses, provided as a loyalty bonus, or given as part of a promotional special on the Game of the Week offer. The number of spins you receive varies on the package you opt form. A usual rule of thumb is, that the more you deposit for a free spins bonus, the larger the return in number usually is.

Check out the T&Cs to see what they are eligible for and to be aware of the wagering requirements that come with the offer, along with knowing what the value will be per spin.

You can head to our dedicated Free Spins Bonus page to get more information about this fantastic reward.

What is a casino VIP program?

The best run sites pay special attention to the betting and depositing habits of their members. From beginners to high rollers, the VIP program (or VIP Club) of an online casino will make sure all efforts are rewarded.

The VIP schemes are incentives to reward players for every rupee spent on the website. For this to work, points are given to members which helps them to fall into one of several loyalty VIP tiers. As points are accumulated, players can climb tiers to receive their special VIP perks.

Bonuses from these VIP schemes can include special monthly cashback offers, personal account managers, tailor-made bonuses, access to VIP events, birthday offers, invitations to live VIP tournaments, and even holiday rewards.

Not all VIP programs are the same, so if this is something that really appeals to you, make sure to read the complete details of the operator’s VIP page and the T&Cs that apply.

Regular casino promotions

Despite how jaw-dropping welcome bonuses can seem and how tantalizing an exclusive VIP reward may sound, those that have been playing long enough know that the real value for money rewards are within the on-going promo campaigns within the casino. The standard, regular, always there, bonuses that churn out opportunities daily, weekly and throughout the year.

These promotions are openly available for all members of the site, offering long-term interest for the entire membership.

These rewards could very-well include the following:

  • Offers of free spins
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Extra cash on deposits
  • Slot tournaments

Once again, check the T&Cs to learn how to get the most out of each promotional offer.

Can you play free Casino Games in India?

Yes 100%. There are hundreds of websites in India will allow you to access free casino games through their designed demo mode feature without having to spend a single rupee to have fun with them.

The experience of free gameplay starts and ends there, as no demo game will pay out on winnings. You will can wager with free coins and you will win these valueless coins back to continue the process of playing.

Accessing demo games like this is not just about the entertainment value, there is the factor of having the perfect platform to learn from. As these are real money games in their demo mode, you can learn how the game works and more importantly, develop strategies on them that help you learn how to win them.

Playing free casino games where possible has long been a strategy endorsed by professional gamblers. They can be used to experiment and test wagering variations, you can learn to budget, learn about different software developers that have made the games, and you’re in the prime position to learn which of the casino games are actually profitable.

The free gaming experience can also be derived from the No Deposit Bonus. Ideally, you could discover one of these bonuses and see what game is eligible to use with the bonus. You can then test the game in its demo mode first to learn how it is played, then use the bonus after.

Our best rated reviews

CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Pure Casino
Play Now
Genesis CasinoR15000300 Free Spins
Play Now
10 Cric₹70000+ ₹5000 Free Bet
Play Now
Betway Casino₹60000
Play Now
Caxino Casino$200+ 100 free spins
Play Now
LeoVegas Casino€400+ 100 Extra Spins
Play Now
22bet Casino₹25000
Play Now
Royal Panda Casino
Play Now

How we Rate and Review Indian Casinos

The task of finding a real money online casino isn’t hard at all. Hundreds of them exist out there. Now, finding the absolute best online casino India has to offer is a different task altogether. Our market is so new compared to the rest of the world.

Just like new casinos, there are also a deluge of comparison websites that set out to provide an honest service but are nowhere near to our standards. What clearly makes our service stand out is our highly knowledgeable insight into the website infrastructure and our highly experienced knowledge of what to measure in our detailed reviews of the best websites and we can give you a prime example of this. Many comparison sites will give you strategies for card and table games, but what they fail to advise you is, is that these strategies do not work when playing digitally on the internet, the two are entirely different.

We have the knowledge from years of professional work in the industry and years of professional gaming that we can give you solid and accurate guidance towards the best website to wager your funds.

At Casinos-India, we dedicate hours to formulate our reviews by producing background checks on casino operators and their holding companies. We register and test the websites ourselves as a member and play with real money. We quality check the site and even test the customer service team for knowledge, response, and professionalism.

We put standards in place, which, these operators must meet or excel in for them to be considered as a recommendation upon our website.

1: Are they legal?

2: Is the license up to date?

3: Are the games verified by an independent regulator?

4: Who are the software developers?

5: Is there sufficient diversity in the gaming options?

6: Are the banking services regulated?

7: Are the promotional offers fair and honest?

8: What is the payout rate of the operator?

Without setting these measures, we just become another anonymous page on the internet full of irrelevant information. That’s not our goal. Our readers need as much help as they can get to avoid the pitfalls of this newly emerging industry.

Trusted Reviews and Rankings

Professional and honest advice from experts is what all Indian people should have access to. This was something that we didn’t have when we started, we learned the hard way.

Our approach to reviewing a casino is planned out like a map, we ask the questions for you, the reader, such as what games are available, what security is there, are there any promotions, how do we know they are fair? These kind of questions cover every area of the casino that helps to form a list of criteria that becomes our gold-standard.

Here is an overview of the criteria in detail:

  • Security - Online casinos are in a position of handling vast quantities of money and large amounts of financial data and personal information. As such they must have the highest level of security on their system to protect the interests of their members. It is our duty to check the operator has the latest state of the art software that provides encryption technology that protects the valuable data to make it safe and secure.
  • Fairness - Players need to be treated fairly, we know casinos are a business, but even in the gambling industry, there has to be a limit that allows operators to make a profit and allows for players to win as well. What dictates fairness in the games is the software, programmed algorithms called Random Number Generators and Return to Player Percentages. These must be checked and certified as fair by independent gaming labs to confirm their ‘random’ nature and determinator are working fairly.
  • Licenses - The foundations of any Indian casino are the license and regulation measures in place. These are expected as standard. Approval from the likes of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Aside from this and equally as important is the certification done by independent auditors like iTechLabs and eCOGRA.
  • Customer Service – The backbone of any casino is its customer service; the one and only point of human contact you have. We expect a 24/7 service that offers languages in English and Hindi. As a point of our criteria, operators with India-friendly service hours and contact numbers make it on our Top 10 list. We look for their friendliness, their knowledge, and their ability to handle the pressure of resolving problems. With customer support, there must also be optional contact points, such as email, phone, live chat, WhatsApp, and Skype.
  • Deposit Methods – Handling your finances requires earning your trust. There are multiple options available when it comes to depositing funds into a casino. There are, however, too many websites on the internet wrongly stating they are able to accept players from India, but then are unable to handle services that will allow depositing of the Indian rupee. So, we have made sure that the operator recommended on our site are 100% supportive of rupee deposits.
  • Fast Payouts – Smooth and timely withdrawals paid as fast as possible with security protection from casino and banking provider.
  • Welcome Bonuses - Claim real money bonuses with fair terms of use to help you win rupees back.
  • Loyalty Programs - Must provide achievable performance tiers and be rewarded with fair bonuses and exclusive offers bespoke to the operator.
  • Promotions - Innovative promotional offers with ongoing access and supply. Fair to use and covering as much of the service of games as possible.
  • Game Variety - Operators must provide sufficient diversity in entertainment. This should include the very best video slot machines, table and card games including blackjack and roulette, regular new releases, live dealer games and where possible, sports betting. And for further choice, niche gaming such as lottery and the new game shows.
  • Software and Gameplay - Only licensed and regulated software developers with a known reputation in the industry will make the grade. We only expect award-winning status to be the quality of gameplay our readers gain access to within the top casinos.
  • Mobile Sites – We want you to have the option to access everything from your mobile phone and this can be done through your mobile browser or via a mobile app. India’s casinos must work to the player’s requirements, having access to real money games 24/7 at the player’s convenience. Apps should downloadable directly from the operator website – do not be alarmed that you cannot find them on Google Play or Apple Store as this is normal due to these stores’ anti-gambling policies. If a operator has full mobile capability, this is evidence that it is integrated with HTLM5 software, making it available to perform on desktop, tablet and MAC also.
  • Responsible Gambling - Gambling for many is a fun and engaging process. However, for some the control and management needed can be difficult. Responsible Gambling is essential for all players. Our top 10 sites must all be able to demonstrate that they first recognise the issue of addiction and secondly, be able to offer solutions that help those with difficulty to set limitations on their accounts. Responsible gaming parameters must include depositing control, reality checks, access limitations, and self-exclusion options. They will also support the work of local and international organizations skilled in gambling advice and support.

Are online casinos legal in India?

Yes, 100%. It is not illegal to join any of the online casinos featured on this entire website. India has had a long gambling culture, unlike anywhere else in the world. The law is often a disputed topic amongst naysayers, but the fact remains that no Indian law deems it to be illegal and, therefore, players in India retain their right to gamble online.

The Public Gambling Act 1867 went through many changes before and after the British Empire ruled and made it illegal during their control. The one consistency that runs throughout all gambling law in India is the illegal running of a gambling house, but nowhere, even in more modern updates does the law restrict internet access to gambling services.

State law can have a role and as such, gambling is fully permitted in Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. The law does block the land-based casinos of these states to form an online service, but the loophole in this law is that there is no mention of prohibiting foreign casinos from advertising and providing their services within India.

These offshore casinos, though existing solely on the web, are compliant with the gambling laws of India and are still able to service players from our country with rupee payments and support players with Indian banking services. So, your understanding, conscience and peace of mind should now be clear, leaving you to act freely within the law and your rights.

Indian gambling legislation

To date, Sikkim has been the only state in India that has taken concrete steps to produce online licensing for certified Indian casino operators in the state. In 2008, the state issued the Sikkim online gaming (Regulation) Act. This Act allowed for games like Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Brag, Pontoon, Poker, Baccarat, Backgammon, Super Pan 9, Punto Banco, Keno and Bingo to be played on the internet with real cash winnings paid out.

Other states would allow the player to take part in “games of skill” for a monetary gain, but, in turn, would place a ban on “games of chance”. There are very fine margins when looking to determine what games fall into the “skill” category. With card games like poker and blackjack, both require the skill to win, but the draw of the cards is pure chance.

In 1968 a court battle took place over a card game called Rummy. It was declared to be a game of skill and, therefore, became legal to lay money on.

All in all, when it all comes down to it – the case in support of wagering on the internet is the fact that no prosecution has ever been made against a player in India who was part of an online casino that is registered ‘overseas’. However, some operators might restrict you to their card and table selection only (the skill category) in an abundance of safety.

Online Casino Licenses

Legitimate casino operators must be licensed for them to even reach the stage of legally being allowed to service players. Any operator that is found to be operating without a license, it is deemed to be an untrustworthy website and business that is operating illegally.

These licenses are issued by stage regulated bodies from overseas countries. There is currently no federal Indian license. For Indian online casinos, there are two main licensing bodies that feature heavily within our top recommended operators. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Curacao eGaming Authority. Indian players may also come across other licensing operators such are the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and the Panama Gaming Board. Rest assured that you will be protected by these authorities.

Malta Gaming Authority

The MGA license is one of the best licenses to have if you are an online casino. The MGA has stringent regulations when it comes to player protection, anti-money laundering, responsible gambling, and user privacy. An MGA license is recognized all around the world and is an excellent sign of trustworthiness.

Curaçao eGaming Authority

This Caribbean licensing authority is commonly used by online casinos that offer their customers cryptocurrency payment methods. It’s not as strict or as far reaching as the MGA license, despite on looser controls on regulation it is still regarded as one of the best licensing authorities in the world.

Online Casino in Hindi

In India, we speak Hindi five times as much as the English language, yet there is a distinct lack of Hindi speaking operators. To counterbalance this, there are a number of casino games online that are custom-created for Indian players.

As an example, Betway have a selection of live dealer games developed and streamed by Evolution Gaming, that offer Live Bollywood Roulette and Blackjack, plus Andar Bahar tables presented by Tamil and Hindi speaking hosts. This will help to give Indian players an authentic experience when playing live.

There are other operators available that are also able to provide Hindi speaking customer service and their interface can have language alterations to meet Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, and Telugu.

What Games Can You Find in an Online Casino?

The gaming selection found on the web is a spoil of riches for any player. There are many traditional casino games and modern innovative slot machines.

Gaming is presented in two very different formats. Players can access live games and with this live sports betting and then you have virtual gaming like digital slot machines.


Traditional casino games

Traditional gaming conjures up iconic images such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. Classic table and card games that both made and defined the industry.

India casinos are not just limited to the classics: these games come with their variants, alternatives that provide new and alternative ways of playing classic games (and alternative ways of winning from them also!).

Examples of these include French Roulette, Casino Hold ‘Em, Pontoon, and Caribbean Stud Poker to name a few.

Slot machine games

Slot gameplay is perhaps the most common sight within any casino. Walk into any land-based casino in Goa or Sikkim and you will see hundreds of different slots machine cabinets lined up. This is nothing compared to the numbers offered by a single online casino that can host thousands of slots, covering hundreds of different themes and styles.

Slot machines are loved by millions because they are easy to use and provide players with high returns for what is spent playing them.

The slot game is a game of chance. The slot comprises of 3 to 5 reels, in some cases more. These reels hold a selection of symbols that equate to a prize value. The reels of the slot are spun and by forming a line of matching symbols you win the cash prizes that could be a few rupees up to a few million!

Online slots contain bonus rounds and features; the number of paylines you can win on can vary in number, you can trigger hidden prize features and also win the game’s main jackpot prize.

Progressive Jackpots are a variant of the slot machine. These games are linked across a network of operators around the world which account for the reason why jackpot prizes are able to reach the multi-millions.

You can read more about this slot variant in our Progressive Jackpot Guide.

The largest selection of online slot machines in India are provided by the likes of LeoVegas with over 1,400 slots and Casumo which has over 2000 slots.


Offering both luck and skill in its gaming qualities, poker is a classic. Any game that has a skill factor makes gaming popular because players feel they have a better sense of control over the game, rather than those purely based on luck.

There are a number of casinos online committed to giving poker players a world stage and community that allows them to participate in live tournaments and competitions. If you are a poker player, the casino choices in India will provide you with a fantastic array of poker choices.

The variants of the poker game include American Poker, Casino Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Hold Em and many more.

We recommend that of the Top 10, Unibet is the best option to provide you with a complete selection of poker games. You also have 888 Casino which also provides a uniquely sperate poker platform considered as one of the best experiences of poker in India.

Video Poker

Stepping away from the poker table, the video poker feature is a game set on the same rule as Five Card Draw. This game is played very much like a slot machine, so prior knowledge of poker isn’t a necessity as the game is largely automated.

Video poker machines present players with very easy to follow rules. The paytable highlights the value and prize of your hand soon as the cards are dealt so you don’t have to work anything out.

The game is won by producing 1 of 10 different hands. You are initially dealt five and you can change any to help your chances of winning. There are many variants of video poker like Jacks or Better or Deuces Wilds, both played the same but offer different ways of winning your rupees.

More on this feature can be read inside our Video Poker guide.

Should you wish to pursue an interest in video poker, this is a game that comes with a high payout percentage rate, often over 98%. We also recommend looking into these real money casino options: Spin Casino and Royal Panada, which both offer a large selection of video poker games.


There is no greater iconic table game than that of Roulette. Perhaps the most popular classical game available, the roulette wheel and table is often the host to new players looking for an alternative to slots. Every online casino in India will provide you with virtual and live roulette and the game’s massive range of variants.

A big appeal of the game is that it comes with the best odds of any casino game. A single number bet comes with odds of 35/1. Bets like these have seen high roller players win more than 500% from their stake.

The gameplay is simple and the same throughout all variants. To win you must predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Most variants come with 37 numbers to predict from. The ways you can bet alter as well. You can bet on the one single number, or you can bet on grouped numbers, rows, sections, odd or even, black or red.

Roulette is very much a game that keeps its players entertained for hours and more of this classic feature can be read about in our Online Roulette guide.

Topping the list of best Indian online roulette is LeoVegas.


No card game is more famous than blackjack, found everywhere either as a virtual machine game or as a live dealer feature. Blackjack dabbles in luck and skill and is easy to play, which further adds to its popularity.

The object of Blackjack is to score a total of 21 or as close to 21 without going over. You will be dealt with two cards and, with them, you can pay for an additional card, you can ask for free cards, and you can split the hand to play with two pairs against the dealer’s single hand.

The blackjack variants include Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch and VIP Blackjack Live.

You can read more regarding the rules and strategies of the game from our Online Blackjack player’s guide.

We recommend those that have been bitten by the blackjack bug should seek out their card fix from Jackpot City Casino which offers blackjack from Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Another alternative would be the Gaming Club casino which is one of the newest sites added to our Top 10 list.


We love bingo in India. It is a game that has brought much entertainment across many generations. Bingo is classified as a lottery game making it entirely of chance. The object of the game is for players to match randomly drawn numbers and to complete their card or tickets before other players to win the prize. This is a game that has numerous rounds within one game, depending on the variant you choose.

Playing can be cheap with the rewards astronomical: some sites can be linked to one big game, but for the most part, your experience of bingo will be offered through digital bingo simulation games as live bingo rooms are very rare.

More on the category of bingo can be read inside our more comprehensive Online Bingo guide.

We recommend you check out Unibet for the best bingo casino games in India.

Traditional Indian Casino Games Online

Yes, traditional casino games professionally made in India are now available to be a master in inside our very own palms. This further completes the perfect Indian online casino experience. You can now play Indian games, with Indian rupees paid out that can be found on Hindi speaking websites.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is without question the most popular traditional game. It is a poker card game that is usually played in groups of between 3 and 6 .

A full review of where to find the best Teen Patti can be read inside our Teen Patti guide.

Teen Patti has become very popular on the internet in recent years and is available in each top casino in India, but our recommendation would be Betway Casino, who without a doubt offers the best live format of this game.

Andar Bahar

Another wonderful traditional card game is Andar Bahar. The game which is also known as ‘Katti’ is very easy to play and is available as a virtual game or as a live feature.

This is a unique game with very simple rules, pick Andar or Bahar and see where the card lands to win. For complete information on the rules and what winnings can be claimed when playing Andar Bahar, you can head to our player’s Andar Bahar guide.

Of the Top 10, Genesis gave us our best experience of Andar Bahar.

Jhandi Munda

For a different approach to playing, then the classic Jhandi Munda will catch your interest. This is a dice game that gives you the opportunity to experience something more unique. Like the game of Craps, Jhandi Munda began on the streets of India before becoming available digitally. Loved more by the older generation in India, nevertheless, the entertainment remains as fresh now as it felt playing this when you were a kid.

You can read up more on Jhandi Munda though our gaming guide here.

We recommend you to head to 10cric for a number one experience of Jhandi Munda.

Indian Live Casino

Playing at a live casino offers the most realistic experience found on the web. It is a fully immersive option that uses real tables, real cards, real live dealers and is played and streamed completely live in real-time.

Bring the casino into your own house and forget about traveling half the country to enjoy the sensation of making a bet at your favourite table games. This live entertainment is now in the palm of your hands.

The Live Casino feature is one of the newest innovations in the gambling industry and one developer is presenting their 11-time award-winning development throughout all the best websites listed in India’s Top 10. Evolution Gaming cannot be overstated as to how important they are in bringing live casino gaming to a worldwide audience and for the Indian market, they provide native speaking table hosts to present and play the games.

The Live Casino is as real as it gets. You watch the action take place as smartly dressed dealers host the games you bet on. Tables offer multi-angle views of the game and you can even chat with the dealer. This offers a truly unique and authentic addition to the experience you will be having.

Live games can be played privately, or you can join multi-player tables and converse with other members at the same table.

The arena of a Live Casino is very much about giving an atmospheric setting as you will see other tables in the background being played. It should also be noted that live gameplay is slightly slower given the process. Betting will still take place through a digitalized panel, which upon confirmation of your bet, the dealer will carry out the remainder of the game to produce the winning outcome.

The selection of live games is vast. It covers your classic games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack as well as their variants. But if you think that this is all there is to it, then you are in for a surprise.

For the first time ever, Indian players will discover and can play new game show features. You are no longer a player, you are now a game show contestant.

Evolution Gaming has created new interactive products including Dream Catcher, Mega Ball, Monopoly Live, and Deal or No Deal.

If you want to find the highest quality in live gaming entertainment, with dozens of classic table and card games, then you must check out the Live Casino section at Rizk Casino.

The Best Live Casino in India – Play Cash Games with Real Dealers

CasinoBonusUser RatingPlay
Pure Casino
Play Now
Genesis CasinoR15000300 Free Spins
Play Now
10 Cric₹70000+ ₹5000 Free Bet
Play Now
Betway Casino₹60000
Play Now
Caxino Casino$200+ 100 free spins
Play Now
LeoVegas Casino€400+ 100 Extra Spins
Play Now
22bet Casino₹25000
Play Now
Royal Panda Casino
Play Now

Which games are available at the live casino?

Step into any live gaming platform and your choices of what to try out are plentiful. With the exception of variants and game show features, all live gaming platforms have three main categories and a special addition for our market.

Live dealer roulette - With live dealer roulette, all the action is played out on a real roulette table with a proper roulette wheel. You can watch all the action happen because once your bet is placed, the dealer will spin the ball to see if your prediction is right. See it all happen in real-time and hear that ball hop and skip over the numbered pockets of the wheel before it rests.

Live dealer blackjack Take a seat at the live dealer blackjack table and watch the game progress using real cards. The card shoes are changed randomly throughout to stop any card counting. Why not tell the dealer via chat that you’re feeling lucky as they deal out the cards. Change angles you view the game at and sit back whilst you take it all in your stride to hit a 21 blackjack.

Live dealer baccarat Time to make yourself feel like a real James Bond. This is the secret agent’s preferred game when he wasn’t dicing with danger or women. Enjoy the game in real-time and try out some of the rare baccarat variants that are also available.

Live dealer Teen Patti Presented by native speaking hosts, you can enjoy Teen Patti in English or in Hindi. You will be immersed in every bet, deal, and outcome as it is streamed live through any device you wish to use.

Is It Possible To Make Money by Playing Online Casino Games?

Whilst the best operators do pay out rupee winnings directly into your bank account, gambling should not be sought out as a full-time profession, unless you are able to afford the funding.

Playing and winning involves a huge amount of luck and good fortune. Remember casinos are businesses that are there to make a profit and the games by their very nature have a favourability towards the casino, known as the House Edge.

The house edge varies from game to game, but there is no one game that puts the odds in your favour when wagering at a licensed operator. The house edge is an indicator of the likely outcome. For example, blackjack gives the casino a house edge of 1.47%. Now, this is almost a 50/50 game because of the minimal difference in advantage.

When it comes to games like slot machines, the house edge is worked out by a Return to Player (RTP) percentage. The average RTP is 96%, this means that of all the money you spend playing a slot game, 96% will be paid back out in winnings.

But note this… this is not money paid back out to you personally, it’s to all players taking on that one specific slot!

There are no proven ways to give you a complete upper-hand. Cheating cannot happen in the digital domain and you need lady luck on your side to see noticeable and substantial gains. The house always wins they say, but they have to pay out a little too.

Mobile Casinos in India

Seen across the world, more and more players are accessing their casinos through their mobile devices. The trend is the same here in India.

With India being the second largest nation of mobile users, it’s safe to assume that right now, you are reading this from your mobile smartphone and you too will most likely enjoy your favoured online casino games this way.

Having a mobile casino that fits into your pocket and is entirely accessible 24/7 is a luxury and a necessary convenience because life is hectic enough when trying to get the time to play.

All the websites found here at Casinos-India are mobile compatible. You can access any via both iOS and Android smartphones. Some operators will offer you a free download of their app should you wish, alternatively, you can access and play via your internet browser.

All websites are integrated with the latest HTML5 software. What this means is that you can stream the games from the casino website and play them without having to download further software add-ons and tools. Those days are now long behind us.

Assessing the right mobile casinos for you is no different from how we stringently carry out all our reviews. The qualities we look for remain in place.

Our mobile evaluations include:

  • An abundance of mobile friendly games
  • Must be compatible with Android and iOS
  • Seamless usability
  • Lightweight app

Claiming the top spot for meeting our criteria, we recommend LeoVegas as the best Indian mobile casino to join.

Now, you can access the entire game selection of these sites from wherever you are and whenever you want. All those possibilities packed into the palm of your hand.

Casino game providers and software developers

Not many players know this, but the sites that you join and are recommended on this website do not actually design or create the games in their huge portfolios. The slots, tables and features that provide you with endless hours of entertainment every day of the year, are, in fact, developed by software companies that have powered online casino sites since 1994 and have helped to build, shape, and transform the whole industry.

We present and introduce to you those software developers that are at the forefront of internet gaming and innovation:

Evolution Gaming

They were the first and set the standard - and since then no-one has come close to their brilliance in delivering live streamed gaming. Evolution Gaming have won the EGR Award for Best Live Developer for the past 11 years!!!

They are the masters or grandmaster - either way, without them, we may not be in the fortunate position we find ourselves in now, with so many accessible live dealer games and game shows that are now able to enjoy.

be sure to look out for: Live Blackjack, Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, and Dream Catcher.


Ezugi is a popular worldwide brand for gaming, they are known for their high-quality live table games. They are also one of the few developers in the industry making Indian games. Some of their titles and works of sheer quality include: Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Jackpot Roulette, Unlimited 21 Blackjack Auto Split, and Knockout Baccarat.


This Swedish gaming developer is arguably the biggest company in the industry. With a high turnover of games, huge licensing deals with Hollywood studios, NetEnt is the best of the best.

Their talents cover both live gaming but mainly video gaming. They have won every award going for gaming development and their work is a boost to the profile of any online casino that is lucky enough to have them as an associated partner.

Here are some of the classic games they have produced that you most definitely should try once you pick one of the Top 10 to join.

    Divine Fortune™, Gonzo’s Quest™, Starburst™, Narcos™ (official video slot), Cash Noire, Planet of the Apes™ (official video slot), and the newly released Street Fighter II™ The World Warrior Slot™(official video slot).


Microgaming started in 1994 when casinos first hit the worldwide web. Their importance to the industry continues from here. They were the first to release an online casino game. They created the first progressive jackpot game, and they hold the Guinness World Record for the largest online casino payout at over ₹1,200,000,000.00!!! That is not a typo!

As a company, they have much respect from their peers, they have continued to innovate and produce blockbuster titles and here are some you will be able to enjoy playing:

    Jurassic Park™ (official video slot), Terminator 2™ (official video slot), Jungle Jim El Dorado™, Mega Moolah™, Los Vegas™, Playboy Fortunes™ (official video slot), and Football Star Deluxe™.

The Best Casino Payment Methods

It is very important to have a secure banking set up with your online casino. Having the best financial security to look after your deposits and withdrawals will help you to play with a peace of mind.

The control of your money must, of course, be completely hassle free and put you in control of how it is handled. Casinos only have a minor role in the task of helping you get payments to and from your bank account. You will learn that if any issues arise in your payments, that all matters must be checked with your financial service provider.

You will find that some of the sites in our Top 10 list have gone that bit further in providing certification of their banking services that comply with regulatory conditions.

Methods of payment must be fast to use, offer a wide range of security measures and ideally support two-way transactions.

We spend a lot of time reviewing the banking options because different operators offer up different services and even those services can alter between operators. For Example, MasterCard is a well-know credit card, but not every operator accepts it, while some won’t allow you to withdraw using it, although a few will.

There are on offer a wide range of payment methods ranging from the traditional methods of credit and debit cards, through to newer alternatives like e-wallets and prepayment vouchers.

The luxury you have as a player is your ability to open an online banking or e-wallet account in minutes should you opt to use a different service that your current provider. You have a choice which is glorious and below we look at a handful of those choices regarded as the most popular payment methods in India, with some brief details about them.


Paytm is a common banking service used by millions of people in India today. Their service can be used for both online and offline payments. The Paytm method therefore is a popular option within Indian online casinos. If selecting this method of payment, then you will find it’s available through Net Banking as a payment option within your online casino. This method is a direct transactional process, going from the bank directly to the operator.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a new service with a distinct global reach and is used as a payment method that’s similar to Paytm. Google Pay works from any mobile smartphone device but is primarily optimized to be used by Android and iOS users. The use of service is simple with Google Pay with the process of depositing the same as for making withdrawals from your operator. You will find this option under the Net Banking selection within your chosen site.


MuchBetter is another brand-new e-wallet service that is tailor-made for players looking to enjoy online casinos. This new service works just like an e-wallet payment process would, but it actually offers more than this. By using MuchBetter as a service inside of MuchBetter casinos, your deposits will turn into points. These will help you achieve something special from the prize draws that take place.

Skrill & Neteller

You cannot separate these two payment titans of the eWallet world. They are the best, so much so, we cannot really discuss them separately without them referring to one another. They are third party operators, you deposit into their account and the payment will then pass from them into the casino and vice versa. Through both of their services, you have fast payment that is free of charge, deposits are instant, and withdrawals received in up to 3 days. The main advantage of using either Skrill or Neteller is the protection of your personal information when funds are transferred from your Skrill or Neteller account.


Almost everyone has heard about PayPal more or less because of experience using eBay and its ties to Elon Musk. This aside, PayPal is an extremely reputable eWallet service. As a matter of fact, PayPal comes with so many security features but there is a slight issue when it comes to using it for gambling online. Few sites will use this service because large transactions come with a 25% charge of the total amount that is often paid for by the operator. Although its options are limited, you will reap the rewards because the PayPal service also has the unique way of removing your banking data from the transaction to completely secure your privacy.

VISA & Mastercard

VISA and MasterCard are two peas in a pod. They have been at the forefront of online payments since it began because they are among the largest banking services in the world.

A vast majority of people in India will have at least one of their credit or debit cards. The service you get from either one of them is of the highest standard both online and offline. Their security features are always adapting and progressing with the times and technology we face. Now, their service features include verification methods like 3D Secure, and there are also digitally-generated cards that help make their payment methods a secure option.

How do I get Fast casino Withdrawals to India?

It is one of the biggest frustrations of players participating online: operators are able to take payments instantly, but the return process of a withdrawal to the player’s private account or e-wallet can be tedious at best. However, we must note that this problematic situation is caused by the banks and not the gambling operators.

To remedy the frustration, you should be changing your mindset, knowing that instant withdrawals are just not a reality because the operator is obliged to first confirm the cash winnings, and then process the payment and for your bank to receive and allocate.

Look at it in a positive way, the patience that comes from waiting will help you to save winnings the more you successful you become in your attempts.

A good operator must go through a verification process when you make a withdrawal claim. This is a standard practice to eliminate fraudulent accounts and money laundering. In some, but not all cases, you will be asked to send in a proof of identity. Once you pass the verification steps, the process of putting the money into your personal account is generally the same as you would expect. So, if asked to verify your details, the quicker it is done, the sooner those steps are taken to put the withdrawal transaction in place.

The speed of the transaction has always been dependent on what banking service it is. Cryptocurrencies are currently the fastest method of payment because they are not controlled by any banking firm. So, withdrawals with say, Bitcoin or LiteCoin could only take up to 24 hours but no more than that.

How do you Withdraw your Winnings From Online Casinos?

The process of withdrawing your winnings so you can have cash in your hand is the same across all the operators that we recommend on this site.

We can highlight the process in four easy steps.

  • Step1: Check that your balance shows the correct amount of money you have. Then, from your general account menu, go to your banking section.
  • Step2: In the banking section you will find the Withdraw option.
  • Step3: Select Withdraw and enter the amount you wish to transfer into your personal banking account or e-wallet. Check the payment method details are correct before you submit the request.
  • Step 4: Once everything is confirmed, you will need to enter your account password and click either Confirm or Withdraw to complete the process.

If you are asked to provide proof of identification, it will be requested at this point after submitting the withdrawal.

Frequently asked questions about online casino in India

Can you win real money in online casinos?

Yes! You will be paid in real rupees that you can withdraw and spend. Some of the best places to make bets on the internet also offer demo games where no money is won. If your interests are more financially based, then you do have the opportunity to win a lot of money, but please do not consider gambling as a profession. All these games are based on luck, with some providing an element of skill - like poker and blackjack. If you wish to win big, then we recommend you try out progressive jackpot slots, where winnings can go beyond the multi-millions.

Is it legal to play at an online casino in India?

Yes! There is no federal law that explicitly prohibits citizens from playing inside of ‘overseas’ casinos. The laws, despite their flaws, are clear that no casino that is land-based in the permitted states of India can advertise their services on the web or make an online business for it. Outside of permitted states (Goa, Sikkim, and Daman), it is illegal to run gambling houses, yet this Gambling Act of 1867 and additions since then do not state under revision that online casino participation is illegal. As such, all operators featured on our comparison site are 100% legal and registered outside of India’s borders.

How do I get a welcome bonus on a casino site?

All of our Top 10 sites offer newly registered players a Welcome offer. The reward is a one-off exclusive for the first-time member. It is always important to read the Terms and Conditions of the bonus before opting to use it because it will clarify what rules are bound to the offer. Most if not all profitable welcome bonuses are deposit bonuses. This means you will have to deposit money into your account to activate the offer. However, there is the subject of wagering requirements to be aware of. Please refer to our guide on Casino Bonuses to learn more.

Can you make money playing in a casino online?

Yes! You can certainly make money, but by no means are you guaranteed this, nor should you expect to make a reasonable profit every time you make a wager to become self-sufficient. It must be made clear that gambling should not be considered as a profession. Making money and seeing a return that puts you into profit will be minimal. Should you land a big win, then the recommendation is to stop playing and to preserve the funds and not to continue wagering on with the winnings. The use of No Deposit Bonuses can help you to accrue minor profits from winning.

Where can I play live casino in India?

All the sites featured in our Top 10 list are able to offer you the most immersive gaming features available on the web. Live Casino gaming is a wonderful service that broadcasts live streamed games from the developer’s studio. Games are played using real equipment, tables, cards, and are presented and hosted by live dealers that host the games in real-time which you can bet on. As a feature of the Live gaming platforms found amongst the Top 10 list, you will be able to play traditional Indian games live, including Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

Do I have to play for real money at an online casino?

Yes, and No, the choice is yours. Some of the best sites do offer players a chance to enjoy the games in their demo mode. This means that regardless of the result of your time playing, no money will be paid out by either the operator or the player. For many, the purpose of playing these is, of course, to win real money and for that, an online casino can provide plenty of options to make this happen from slot machines through to classic table games of blackjack and roulette.

Can I use bitcoin for gambling at online casinos?

Yes! The option of using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is available in some, but not all Indian casinos. Bitcoin is the most common of these new binary currencies. They are not regulated or controlled by a bank., the benefit of this all this means users can get instant deposits and same day withdrawals. The use of bitcoin comes with a myriad of security benefits, for one, the bitcoins are coded and once one coin is used, the code cannot be duplicated or copied.

Do I have to pay taxes on my online casino winnings?

The short answer is No! However, we want to justify this answer clearly. If you were to gamble inside of land-based casinos, then the answer would be yes as it’s part of the Income Tax Act which can deduct up to 30% of your winnings. In fact, some operators may already remove this tax whilst you collect your winnings. Because playing on the internet is deemed as playing outside of the Indian borders, the money is won without any legal ties to India and no one would even know.

How do I know if a casino is safe?

This is the reason we are here. We have done all the hard work for you and every casino shown on Casinos-India is legitimate and safe. Here is how you are able to tell for yourself: For a casino to be allowed to operate in a legal fashion it must obtain a state regulated license, this can take years. The license means the casino is legally approved to service players with their gambling products. The operator is now bound to regulatory processes that make sure they continue to comply with the codes of conduct. This includes the fit and proper use of internet security software. Many operators use encryption firewalls these days, unbreachable software and technology that is also used by military and banking firms.

Which Indian online casino pays the best?

The payout rate of the different operators changes day to day, so it’s all relative to where most players are playing and of them who are winning. Here is a list of the current top five operators with high payout rates that we would consider the best (given they will all fluctuate).

    Betway: Current payout rate = 96.31%888 Casino: Current payout rate = 96%Bet365: Current payout rate = 95%10cric: Current payout rate = 94%Dafabet: Current payout rate = 93.3%

Can I play at the casino from my mobile or tablet?

Yes! Any of the Top 10 sites recommended here are completely accessible and available to play at from any mobile and tablet device. Most sites these days are built with HTML5 software integrated into their systems. This makes their games available across all Windows, Android, and iOS devices. They also offer free downloads of their mobile apps which can be used on tablet devices. Though not a necessity, as access to our Top 10 sites can be made from and through your internet browser service and no extra software need be downloaded.

Can I play casino online for free?

Yes, there are two opportunities provided by operators that allow you to play free games. The first option is to use the games in their demo mode. Now, this is not applicable to all, but the option is there. The second option and again, this is not applicable to all of the current Top 10 sites, but No Deposit Bonuses will allow you to enjoy free games without any need to part with your own money. If you opt to use this, please read the Terms and Conditions first.

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