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This is both our home and yours, inside we host a selection of mind-blowing games that present entertainment and opportunity. Helping you to settle is our team of iGaming experts with a past of pro-gambling experience, a mix of former casino workers, players, and experts in the field of casino software.

Our passion for casino gaming is what drives us to help inform all our users about the possibilities that can be forged from all of the top online casino India platforms. We present no falsehoods, only the facts.

We would be the first to tell you that gambling should only be for those that can afford it, but also that it’s all about fun. If you are going to undertake this adult entertainment, then we at least encourage you to do so the right way, the smart way, and this is why we formed this site so you can learn and understand who the best licensed casinos are. We also present exclusive bonuses that are fair and honest. We inform you of the available games that are a must play option and we teach you how to play them. We cover all subjects from Live Casino gaming to Strategies.

This is a trusted site for avid iGaming players to follow and learn from. It has been made by experienced casino players, and boy, we have seen it all and been through it all. Our knowledge and awareness of the industry is something we gladly pass onto you for free.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are an affiliation platform, this means that Casinos India is not a casino itself, we provide non-financial content. What our services include are gaming guides so that new players can learn about all casino games online and how to play them. We provide detailed and informative casino reviews that are honest and not swayed by any bias of payment.

Our earnings come from a small compensation sum should players using our services to sign to any of the casinos listed on our site. We are an online marketing forum or comparison site for the casino industry in India. Our work is no different from that of MySmartPrice or Junglee.

We do not push players into joining the casino we recommend; our service is a mere platform that offers you content to read about and make a judgement of your own. If you do not wish to gamble online with money, then we are happy for you to use our free demo games that are accessible to all, which can be played from any device without any download of software required.

We like to think we provide a reputable service, if you have any doubts, then all we would as is for you to check our reviews and cross-compare them to the sites yourself. You do not need to register with an online casino first to see what they provide and offer. You are free to see what games they have, what banking services they provide, and what promotional offers are given to those opting to use them. They hide nothing and neither do we. We just want you to have the best of the best services that are open to players in India.

Why you can trust Casinos-India

We would like to think our honesty counts for much of our reputation. Presenting this page is just one of a number on this site, which is a job to be done, we are people, with bills to pay and family to support, who, just like you, have an equal interest and passion for gambling. some of us have had successful careers playing professionally, others having experience of the industry first-hand within casinos. Then there are those within our team that just love to gamble and have done so for a very long time and are able to share their expertise.

There are no smoke and mirrors here. We are not in this to perform a fraudulent service. The details we share are factual and informative. If a casino sucks at providing bonuses, we will tell you why, but we will also make you aware that they are good at offering the top games. Everything about us is fair and we hope this equality and transparency resonates within the work we have created.

The crux of our work is ‘CASINOS’, from signing-up for the first time, to withdrawing winnings. Everything that happens in a casino and how good the quality of service and features are is our business to know and inform about. How we pick the best online casinos in India is actually simple.

The more boxes ticked, the better a site is. So, we look into the gaming, the bonuses along with their terms and conditions. We look at accessibility concerning devices, their customer services and contact points. We test and inform of the software used in the casino from security to gaming development. What banking solutions does the casino use and are they user-friendly?

Through our reviews, what we recommend with be an exact representation of what is offered. Every detail that needs to be known about will be open to you, to them make your judgement on.

Casinos India asks nothing of you and takes nothing from you.

Our Mission

In short, our mission is to steer interested people away from casino sites that are frankly not that good, that’s the bottom line.

We cannot pretend to think that all is well and good on the internet. Fact is, there are some casinos on the market that were seemingly made just for the sake of being made, lacking all substance and quality. If we can save one human being from such mundane platforms, we are able to raise a toast to our jobs.

But seriously, it’s to be honest about your options and to advise you of what to expect from an industry that is all and only ever about the money. Our mission is to guide you through all obstacles with as much success as possible. We are here to inform so you can learn to play, bet wisely, and win smart. It is also part of our service to tell you that you will also experience loss, real financial loss.

Gambling is just about the money; you pay to play and play to win. The idea that it is only ever about fun is a misleading truth. Sure, it is fun, it actually is, but there are a million other ways of having fun that are free.

It’s about the money, and our mission is to help you get to that point, the best way possible.

Just remember to thank us when it happens.

  1. We WILL provide you with safe casinos that are legally licensed and can legally host players from India.
  2. You WILL have access to sites that have been honestly reviewed, informing you of all their services and features.
  3. We ARE a team that you can contact for help, support and advice with regards to the casino and games found online.

Casinos-India promotes responsible gambling

Gambling! Gambling is a word that many fear to say in this industry. It’s odd only because of the connotations that come with it. It is a taboo that will not die, so perhaps saying “I bet” is perhaps easier for some, but no matter how you present it, there is no escaping the fact that you are spending money to make money. It’s not gaming, it’s gambling.

It is wholly incumbent of us to highlight the fact of responsible gambling and the procedures you can and should take so that gambling doesn’t turn into an addiction. (Just another example of our transparency here.)

Much goes into responsible gambling measures; they start with us and it continues on with you.

Our role is to not pass you over to blacklisted sites that have a history of regulatory fines and concerning behaviour.

We also put it upon ourselves as decent people to inform you of the dangers that gambling can lead to. Addiction for some players is a real problem, it cannot be sugar-coated.

Do not play to chase debt or solve financial issues. Only play if you have financial stability and are able to afford losses. Set yourself budgets and limits on time. These measures can be supported by online casino management tools that are part of your account service.

You can opt to install deposit limits and time restrictions to your account. You can change as you please, controlled by you, but managed by the casino.

This is our job done with responsible gambling, we can only do so much to advise you and make you aware. Should you need to seek support on this matter, then there are numerous professional services in India that are able to deal with and support players experiencing gambling addiction.

  • hopetrustindia.com
  • www.gamblingtherapy.org

The next phase is on you as the player.

Your responsibilities as a player comes down to self-control, the man-management of gambling, and the awareness of consequence.

Who are we?

Casinos India is by no means some corporate-run business that employs hundreds of people running casino algorithms online to hatch scientific plans of luring players into a gambling habit. Sure, it might be better paid going down that route, but this is not us.

We are a small team of three who are supported by 2 background technicians who help fix our laptops when required, help run the site’s technical parts and they also create our graphic illustrations.

Our content team is:

Sabrina Kumar: Editor-in-Chief

Former floor manager at the Deltin Royal casino in Goa. Sabrina went into blog journalism ten-years ago writing about life in India and made some travel vlogs on YouTube to coincide with her written work. She joined our team five years ago to share her experience of working in the casino industry which she has 15-years’ experience. She doesn’t gamble but knows how to, her insight is fascinating, and she proclaims that casinos going online helped to save a dying industry at the time.

Sabrina would one day like to write a novel about her travels in the past and try to retire as young as possible.

Devendra Kaur: Writer

Devendra just graduated from the University of Delhi with honours in applied mathematics. Devendra has a passion for sports betting and is a fan of slot gaming. He has been with us for two years now and is responsible for testing all online casinos that we review.

Dev, as we call him, has had a string of gambling successes online. We joke that it is down to his maths brain, but he insists that it is more to do with his divine powers than any mathematical knowledge. Dev is currently working on a gaming app side project outside of working hours, but he won’t tell us more than that.

Veer Babu: Writer.

Veer came into this role having formally been a web developer. Veer had helped in making several online casino sites in the past and joined our company as a technician. Veer then wanted a career change and asked if he could write for us.

Veer has unbelievable knowledge and insight into how online casinos function and are programmed. He teaches us of all the technical aspects that players wouldn’t normally know about. If you read something on our pages that delves into these fantastic areas of mystery with how things are and how they work, Veer is the writer behind those articles and guides.

Our Partners

Our partners aren’t some secretive power that looms in the shadows that are out for greed. Our partners are those that help to support us in providing official casino games to our readers.

Yes, we have teamed up with the industries leading software companies to provide you officially licensed and authentic casino games.

Amongst the prestigious names are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming Microgaming, Play’n GO, Red Tiger, Real Time Gaming, Playson and there are many others.

The games provided by them are accessible in their demo mode. These are real money gaming features, with the feature of being able to win real money removed. Sorry, but you need to join the casinos if you want to win rupees to put in your pocket.

These are the exact games you can play inside the casinos we recommend. Playing them will give you a sense of how they will perform in the casino and give you a chance to see the potential and opportunities these kinds of games provide.

Our partners in a bit more detail:


The Swedish software giants are perhaps the biggest modern developer in the market. They have produced over 500 online slots and have even branched into the live gaming market. Their development takes on the mobile-first approach so that all their games are playable through all handheld devices. They have many big gaming titles that include Jumanji, Planet of the Apes and two progressive jackpot games Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune.

Evolution Gaming

Innovating pioneers in the live gaming sector, Evolution Gaming kickstarted the live streaming service and now dominate the entire market with their award-winning service. They create and provide real-time gameplay with live streaming broadcasts out to hundreds of online casinos. You can enjoy a mix of live roulette, live blackjack, live poker and much more including their latest collection of game show features that are re-inventing how casino games are played and what they are.


It all started here. Microgaming were the creators of the first online slot machines and have since been helping to push online gaming services to where they are today. Microgaming is a company that has seen it all and won it all. Despite this they still produce games with new innovations and their highly reputable status has enabled them to produce major licensed games like Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Playboy, and Terminator 2. They are also responsible for creating Mega Moolah, the online slot that holds the world record for the largest online payout of a slot machine.

Play’n GO

A company that only formed back in 2005, has been in the business long enough to have bettered what came before them and set the standards for what came after them. Play’n GO may not have the largest gaming catalogue but that was never their intention. Gaming is about creating entertainment and opportunities. They do this with an amazing focus on their production rather than looking at the quantity of work they could potentially make. We had to use their games because they are works of art, it’s as simple as that.

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